Comparing Google Analytics 4 with Universal Analytics

Comparing Google Analytics 4 with Universal Analytics

As the world of digital marketing evolves, so do the tools we use to measure our success.  As Google Analytics 4 (GA4) begins its rollout, there is bound to be confusion about what it is and how it compares to Universal Analytics (UA). 

What are Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is a new Google Analytics property type that uses App + Web data model. This new property type is designed to give you a better understanding of how your users interact with your app and your website. Google Analytics 4 also includes new features such as:

  • User ID
  • Google Analytics ID
  • Data Studio integration
  • App + Web data model

What are Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics is designed to give you a more complete picture of your website visitors and their interactions with your site.

So, what’s new with Universal Analytics? For starters, it allows you to collect data from a variety of sources, including websites, mobile apps, and CRM systems. This gives you a more holistic view of your customers and their behavior.

Another new feature of Universal Analytics is the ability to track user interactions across devices. This means that you can see how your customers interact with your site or app on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

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What Distinguishes Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics?

  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the Latest Version of Google Analytics and is a Complete Rewrite of Universal Analytics (UA)

GA4 brings many new features and enhancements that are not available in UA, such as automatic event tracking, stream processing, and built-in machine learning. While UA is still the most widely used version of Google Analytics, GA4 is quickly gaining popularity due to its superior features and performance.

  • GA4 Focuses on Compiling Data from Multiple Devices into a Single User Profile, while UA Relies on Cookies to Track Users Across Devices
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This gives GA4 the ability to provide a more accurate picture of how users interact with your site or app.

  • GA4 Uses Event-Based Tracking, while UA Uses Pageviews

This means that GA4 can track interactions that don’t necessarily result in a pageview, such as clicks, form submissions, and video plays.

When is the Best Time to Use Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics are two of the most popular web analytics tools available today. The answer to the question of when is the best time to use one tool over the other depends on your specific needs and goals. In general, however, Google Analytics 4 is best suited for newer websites and Universal Analytics is better for established websites.

Universal Analytics is a good way to get started with Google Analytics. If you have not already upgraded to Universal Analytics, it is a good idea to do so. If you are an experienced user of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics can be used as an upgrade path to get more advanced functionalities.