Construct your Ideal Chalet

Construct your Ideal Chalet

A chalet construction is a traditional wooden home. It is usually built in the mountains where people live in high altitudes. However, now people are even constructing these cabins everywhere. They are used as vacation homes or even smaller vacation apartments. Hence, the construction of chalets in Gstaad has increased. However, there is a huge difference between constructing chalets and normal homes. There are no blueprints or even design books that are made to build chalets. Hence, an architect just considers the needs and ideal elements of the client and makes them come true.

Therefore, you will need to consider a reliable and innovative company like us. We always take a good look at the area where you want to build your chalet as well as take your ideas and provide you with the best material that is well suited for your chalet. Hence, the interior planning is designed which suit the surroundings as well as fulfill the needs of the clients. A chalet is most commonly made out of wood. Wood planning can also be used if you want to construct a chalet.

The type of wood we use to construct chalets 

HALDI & STAHL design chalets so that it is comforting and also relaxing no matter what the season is. We want your chalet home to be cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Therefore, there are also tradition styled chalets that you will find. The best thing about us is that we also construct modern chalets which include a sleek and an open fancy design. However, it all depends on the client and what they want in their chalet.

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Therefore, HALDI & STAHL has an endless passion to create masterpieces when it comes to working with wood. Therefore, no matter what it is to construct, if it is exterior, interior, cabinets, or even a kitchen, we are the best to call upon. We use naturally aged wood which makes the best hold of the chalet. Hence, we have all the unique elements and features to make your chalet capable of standing tall during the harsh winters as well as summers.

The endless ideas and services we provide 

When it comes to budgeting, building a chalet can be expensive. However, we are budget-friendly and efficient. We make the best use out of the most durable and stable wood. Moreover, we also pay immense attention to all the small details that you provide us with. Hence, our chalet will always provide you with a charming, incomparable look that will amaze you every time you look at it. We pay importance to making the design and the architecture of the chalet perfect.

Hence, if you are looking to add different features then we are here to help you out. HALDI & STAHL uses numerous different elements to chalets such as a wooden frame, wooden clapboards, high ceilings, alpine location, decoration, balconies, and much more. Hence, we are an all-in-one company that provides clients with their dream chalets. If you are thinking about creating a 2 story chalet then that is also possible because we deliver the unbelievable.