Cool Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin You Must Try Once

Cool Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin You Must Try Once

Ever since 2009 the world has included the phenomenon known as cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin.  The Bitcoin White Paper launched an open source software revolution destined to transform money and finance as we know it.  In fact, cryptocurrency looks like it could transform all of life as we know it. Let me explain you how to get Free Bitcoin.

Given this monetary revolution, notably folks are on the lookout for how they can get more Bitcoin and even earn free Bitcoin and crypto.  Sure enough, businesses and entrepreneurs are stepping up with tools, products, and services that one can use to get more Bitcoin.  Let’s take a look at two ways to do exactly that.

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The sMiles Bitcoin App is available now on iOS and Android.  Users can download the app for free and begin using it immediately.  This app lets users earn in a few different ways.  For example, the main hook is that people can literally get free Bitcoin just for walking!  Yes, that is correct.  Users earn Bitcoin for simply walking, and we all can relate to that.

Another amazing feature of the app is the ability to earn Bitcoin by playing games.  Users can do things such as play chess, spin wheels, and participate in other games to earn Bitcoin.  How is this possible one might ask?  One of the most important factors here is that the app uses the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a Layer 2 application on top of the main Bitcoin blockchain.  This emerging network enables a extremely high amount of transactions to be processed at virtually zero cost, and this opens up the opportunity for microtransactions or very small amounts of value moved around not possible in the legacy financial system.  

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The sMiles Bitcoin App also enables folks to earn Bitcoin by shopping for everyday items and services along with other options and more to come in the future.  


BlockFi is a fintech player that is quickly gaining tons of momentum as it looks to disrupt the traditional financial and banking system.  It tends to be linked to what is know as “DeFi” which refers to Decentralize Finance.  DeFi is a category describing the conversion of traditional banking activities such as taking deposits and making loans into a decentralized platform and ecosystem where there are no middlemen rent seekers.  

One way BlockFi participates is within the world of lending.  It enables users to post their Bitcoin and other crypto as collateral in exchange for a loan.  This circumvents the traditional system of relying on credit reports and other underwriting procedures to get users access to funds very quickly.  

Another key component is the new BlockFi credit card.  This is a typical Visa however in this case users earn free Bitcoin every time they use the card.  All one has to do is use the card for normal purchases, and the free Bitcoin stacks up automatically.