Guhantara Resort Bangalore 2022: Guide To Stay

Guhantara Resort Bangalore 2022: Guide To Stay

At some point in our lives, we’ve all dreamed of staying in a cave or wondered what it would be like. Well, we can’t go back in time, but we can definitely visit Guhantara Resort Bangalore, which is India’s first underground cave resort.

The specialty of this resort is that it can give you the right caveman feel without compromising on luxury. It is calm, peaceful and yet incredibly exciting and wonderful.

The only way to really describe it is to visit it and we bet looking at all the luxury and facilities it has to offer, you would want to spend your vacation here as soon as possible.

Location Address: Sy. No. 177 & 177/18 Off Kanakapura Main Road-Nowkal Palya Bangalore-South Taluk-Kaggalipura-Karnataka 560082

Phone: 097409 98982

How to reach Guhantara Resort Bangalore

Guhantara Resort Bangalore is approx. 35 km from Bangalore. The place can be reached through NICE Bangalore Mysore Expressway.

  1. About Guhantara Cave Resort

Boasting an incredible cave atmosphere and architecture, Guhantara Cave Resort in Bangalore is ideal for an intimate getaway with your partner or a fun weekend getaway with family or office colleagues.

With many fun activities and experiences, people from all walks of life will greatly enjoy the soothing charm and peaceful cave environment.

And even though it’s a cave resort, it’s designed to let in natural light. So if you are looking for a fun weekend getaway from Bangalore or any part of India, this resort offers the unique stay you always wanted.

  1. Facilities at Guhantara Resort Bangalore
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The Guhantara Cave Resort is known for offering a unique stay. Here is a list of its modern facilities that are offered with a traditional touch.

A. Basic

Guhantara Resort in Bangalore, India is one of the best equipped resorts offering modern facilities such as free parking, laundry, doctor on call, elevator and room service, currency exchange and Internet/Wi-Fi.

B. Wellness

Wellness facilities include a gym, health club, Agastya Kuteera Spa and massages

C. Dining

Sambhojna (resort food court), bar and restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, banquet and breakfast services

D. Outdoor games and fun activities

Among others, swimming pool, bonfire (on request), children’s play area, beach volleyball, cricket, tug of war, bow and arrow, kite flying, bull riding and zorbing.

E. Indoor games and fun activities

Table Tennis & Carrom Board & Chess & Darts & DJ Rain Dance among others.

  1. Accommodations 

The highlight of this resort is its accommodation, and its aptly named and themed rooms/suites live up to that (cave pun!). The rooms and suites offer sitting areas where you can see the natural light streaming in from above and are divided into three categories.

A. Primitive

Tariff 1: Room Rate – INR 5000 (for 2 people)

Tariff 2: Special package including tax, food, accommodation and games payable – INR 8500/- net per day per couple (sharing for two people)

B. Lithic

Tariff 1: Room Rate is INR 5500 for a couple

Tariff 2: Special package including tax, food, accomodation and games payable – Rs.9500/- net per day per couple (sharing for two persons)

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C. Lithic Suite

Tariff 1: Room Rate is INR 6500 for Per Couple

Tariff 2: Special package including tax, food, accommodation and games payable – INR 10,000/- net per day per couple (sharing for two persons)

D. Cave suite

Tariff 1: Room Rate is INR 10,500 for 2 couples

Tariff 2: Special package including tax, food, accommodation and games payable – INR 15000/- net per day per couple (4 sharing)

  1. Special places in Guhantara Resort Bangalore

The resort is full of beautiful places which have different ways of showing grace to their guests. Below is the details with the list of the items:

A. Sambhojana

Guhantara Cave Resort’s resident food court offers multi-cuisine fare and has a Zen-like simple yet classic cave decor to give you the feel.

B. Madhushala

Madhushala, as you might guess, is a bar in an underground cave resort, and it’s quite frankly a trippy affair with its cave decor.

C. Rangamandapa

It is an auditorium with a capacity of 700 people, where the entertainment of folk artists will remind you of the past in an authentic environment.

D. Samvaad

Samvaad, as the name suggests, is a fully equipped conference room of the resort with state-of-the-art facilities.

E. Agastya Kuteera

This is the spa center of the resort where you can relax and soak up the Ayurvedic magic provided by well-trained doctors and therapists.