How Can I Practice Sexual Health

How Can I Practice Sexual Health

In this modernized world, a mobile phone with internet access is a must for the young generations to carry out their distance learning processes due to the corona virus outbreak. It is undoubtedly a good thing, but without a proper surveillance from parents, they can easily get an access into pornography or worse, get involved in unhealthy sexual activities. Unhealthy sexual activities can lead to sexually transmitted diseases which can be deadly if an early treatment is not given.

It is important to ensure the education about sexual health not only among the younger generations, but also to adults who did not have the opportunities to ask questions ( soalan ) regarding this issue out of embarrassment. Follow this article to get information on how to practice sexual health to improve your quality of life.

How to practice sexual health

  1. Use protection

In reality, sexual activities have started since a very young age due to the uncontrollable influences from peer friends. Unfortunately, they are not given knowledge about the sexual protections which is an important device used to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases. The most common and easily obtainable protection is the condoms. There are 2 types of condoms, the male (external) and female (internal) condoms which can be bought from pharmacies and certain convenience stores. For people who practice oral sex, they can use dental dams, which is another type of condom that provide barrier between the mouth and genital.

  1. Avoid having multiple sex partners

As the name suggested, sexually transmitted diseases can be passed from your sex partners. If you have multiple partners, the risk of being infected with STDs is higher. In some inevitable cases such as your preference is to have multiple partners, you are advised to bring condoms with you and use it during sexual activities. Avoid going to prostitution services as they do have multiple partners and might be having STDs without them knowing.

  1. Practice cleaning after sex
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Sometimes people tend to go to sleep right away after sex when they are too tired, while others prefer to do anal sex. Both of these preferences can increase the risk of having STDs. Remember to always keep your private part clean to avoid getting infected. Rinse your vulva or vagina with clean water for women. As for men, clean the penis with warm water and if you still have your foreskin intact, clean it thoroughly but gently to avoid build up of semen or any fluid that might give you STDs.

  1. Get tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Certain tests can be done at home such as HIV-test kits which can be obtained from pharmacies. You are encouraged to do regular tests for STDs to ensure that you will get an early treatment if you are exposed to it. These tests include blood test, urine test, swab test, PAP smear, HPV testing, physical examination, etc. These tests are important for them who have multiple partners, not using protections during sex, planning to start a new relationship and those who are experiencing symptoms of STDs.

  1. Have a conversation about sexual health with your partner before starting a new sexual relationship

Before starting a new sexual relationship with your partner, you should ask about their history with previous sexual partners. If they had multiple partners before, it is best to have them tested for STDs before starting the sexual relationship. You also should ask about their well-being and if they had any medical history related to STDs. This conversation might seem nuisance but it is very important for you and your partner to ensure a healthy sexual relationship. Avoid having sexual relationships until your partner is totally healed from STDs.

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It’s advised to take Covid 19 Vaccine.