How to Create an Electric Fireplace Insert

How to Create an Electric Fireplace Insert

If you’re not utilizing your old fireplace yet would, in any case, wish to utilize the space, you’ll introduce an electric chimney embed. They are for the most part less expensive to work than a gas chimney, are sans emanation, and require no ventilation. An electric chimney addition will fit totally set up with your old chimney and is not difficult to introduce.

Step 1: Choose the space

The choice of space for the fireplace is the most important step before purchasing the fireplace. This will also help you decide on the insert size. If you simply have one possible space for the insert, where to put in the insert is a simple decision.

Step 2: Consider the size of the fireplace insert

The old gas fireplace you are replacing needs to be measured so that you can purchase an insert with the correct dimensions to fit into place. Measure the width and height with a tape measure and record the measurements on a sheet of paper. The fireplace insert should fit snugly into place, filling the whole opening and leaving no gaps.

Step 3: Purchase the right fireplace insert

electric fireplace inserts

Buy a hearth insert that has the design and elegance you would like. Don’t focus on the temperature, as an electric insert is more of a heater and can’t get as hot as a real fire. Be sure to check out the energy efficiency of the fireplace inserts you are considering. Electric fireplace inserts can consume a lot of energy very quickly, which means a cheap one can have some significant costs in the long run.

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Step 4: clean the gas fireplace

If you have gas in your old fireplace, you need to turn it off completely. Place a painter’s tarp in front of the fireplace to catch any flying debris as you clean it. Begin cleaning the old fireplace by removing the log holders and any other items that are still inside. With a large painter’s brush, you want to sweep up all the debris in a dustpan and throw it away. You can also use a portable vacuum cleaner if you want to pick up any extra clutter that you can’t clean with the brush.

Step 5: prepare the fireplace insert

Place the insert on the edge of the gas fireplace and see if the cord can get to the nearest outlet. If the cable is too short, you will want to connect an extension cable to the insert. Otherwise, if you want the fireplace insert to be permanent, you can call an electrician to add an outlet to the back of the fireplace so you can hide the cord.

Step 6: Clean the glass

Clean the glass with a glass cleaning solution and a cloth to remove any marks or fingerprints.

Step 7: installing the fireplace insert

electric fireplace inserts

Plug cord into outlet outside or inside fireplace. If your mantel falls into the fireplace opening, you should use a small piece of wood and place it in the center so the insert is flush with the edge of the fireplace. Carefully move and slide the insert into the back so that it is flush with the fireplace opening. Power up the unit and you have a new clean electric fireplace insert.

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Step 8: take precautionary measures after installation

It is recommended that you unplug the unit when you are not using it. From time to time, check the condition of your outlet to avoid sudden breakdowns. Never try to use the fireplace in your bathroom as it is not designed to work there. If possible, do not use an extension cord to plug it in to avoid overheating the system.

Is it hard to set an electric fireplace?

The answer to the present question will depend upon the experience of the installer and therefore the sort of electric fireplace is installed. The most complicated electric fireplaces to install are those that are recessed in the wall. These require framing skills that go beyond a weekend handyman. However, there are also electric fireplaces that can be hung on the wall surface, and these require familiarity with hand tools such as a drill and level. You should also be able to determine the best way to anchor the wall mount so that it is securely attached to the wall. If you are not comfortable with the tools, we suggest that you select a plug-and-play model, such as a stove or shelf pack. Shelf packages may require a bit of assembly so it will take a little patience and an extra pair of hands, but they are not complicated. And there are also shelf packs that are fully assembled, just plug them in and enjoy. So is it difficult to install an electric fireplace? Not if you choose the right model for your skillset. We have selected easy-to-install fireplaces on our website, on our Home Improvement page.

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Do electric fireplaces need your circuit? Can you plug an electric fireplace into a normal outlet?

Yes, most electric fireplaces can be plugged into a normal outlet. However, most electric fireplaces need their circuit because they have built-in heaters. There can be multiple plugs on a single circuit, so just because you’re connecting your fireplace to your outlet doesn’t mean you have your circuit. A dedicated circuit means that the fireplace outlet has its circuit breaker in its electrical panel. Electric fireplace heater draws up to 1500 watts, which is all the power available on a normal 120-volt household circuit. If running a new fireplace circuit is not possible or desirable, then your use of the heater may be limited. Without heaters, electric fireplaces consume very little energy, as all flames are created with LED lights. If you decide to create a new circuit, remember that all electrical work must be done by a qualified and licensed electrician.