How To Support Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

How To Support Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

While the pandemic is still apt to ebb and flow with new obstacles, companies are slowly adapting. Small businesses have been at the brunt of some of the harshest blows to commerce, and economic downturns as closings and regulations have hampered business and sealed off profits for months, if not longer. Learn how to support small businesses impacted by COVID-19 to ensure that they build back better than ever. 

If Businesses Are Open for Regular Hours and Offerings 

As regulations ease up and more people can safely frequent establishments, do so.

Eat at Your Local Favorites Safely 

Outdoor eating, socially distanced seating, and additional safety measures have increased the potential of eating out at restaurants once again. Your community counts on small businesses to stay thriving with eclectic choices. 

Shop Local: Grocers, Bodegas, Boutiques, and Bookstores 

Rather than having groceries ordered from big-box stores that never closed during the pandemic, you can support local businesses by shopping local. If you don’t want to leave the house, locally owned delivery services will drop the goods at your doorstep in no time. 

Help Promote Small Businesses in Need 

Shopping at businesses isn’t the only way to support them. If your small business has been successful or you work with a larger company, sometimes partnership promotions can include local businesses to support the local economy. 

  • Receipt gathering for raffles with prizes 
  • Corporate Christmas cards with gift certificates 
  • Special sales that include local partnerships 
  • Small business walks 

If Businesses Are Closed or Have Limited Hours or Offerings

Remember, it may take substantial time before small businesses in your area can return to regular operation. 

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Grab Take Out and Enjoy the Meal Elsewhere

Whether the business is simply short-staffed or they aren’t yet ready to have a full dining room, grabbing take-out from your local favorites is an equally acceptable way to support businesses. While 20% is the minimum tip for service in a restaurant and 10% is the minimum tip for take-out, you might want to consider adding an extra dollar or two to help support your neighbors. 

Buy Gift Cards for Later When They’re Back 

If there is a clear indication that the business will reopen, but it’s moving slow, or someone is waiting to be well, do the company a favor and buy gift cards to use when they open the doors, so they have revenue until then.

Shop Online for Local Wares and Opt for Curbside Pick Up

The doors may be closed, but many businesses are still open for sales online. To save on shipping, you can ask in the notes if curbside pick-up is an option to get your order locally. 

Help Promote Small Businesses With Social Media 

While social media is a protected form of branding and promotion, consider sharing that platform to aid other businesses just until they get back on their feet. Since many companies have limited hours and offerings, consider using your platform to advertise those changing hours and offerings so that they can maximize business when they are open. 

No one approach will be able to breathe life back into your local community of small businesses. However, Cards for Causes offers practical ways to thank employees for their hard work while supporting the local economy. As things slowly get back to normal, remember to be patient as they build back better with your support.