Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: Who will fill in if Fury withdraws?

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: Who will fill in if Fury withdraws?

This UFC fighter will stand in for Tommy if he is unable to help with the fight for whatever reason.

According to Jake Paul, if Tommy Fury is unable to fight on February 26 for whatever reason, UFC veteran Mike Perry will step in.

During a press conference to hype his fight with Tommy, the YouTuber said, “Mike Perry is standing by. Mike Perry, please hurry! Yes, he is willing to come in if Tommy withdraws.”

Perry has a mixed martial arts record of 14-8. He has lost four of his last five UFC bouts. His contract with the company expired on April 10, 2021, the last time he performed inside the Octagon.

His March 2015 bout with Kenneth McNeil ended in a fourth-round knockout, therefore this will not be his boxing debut. He has already fought in two bouts and won both of them in the Bare Knuckle Fight Championship.

This battle has been planned for many months. Fury’s ailments prevented him from contesting the first time, and complications with his visa to enter the United States prevented him from competing the second time.

Mike Perry is the fourth MMA opponent to face Jake Paul.

Mike Perry would be Jake Paul’s fourth mixed martial arts opponent, having previously faced Ben Askren, twice against Tyron Woodley, and once against Anderson Silva.

“There’s a part of me that doubts it,” Jake Paul stated of Tommy Fury’s appearance on February 26. “And he’s terrified and repulsive. And he stinks since he didn’t show up for the one-on-one that we were meant to conduct. The type is not always lucrative. But money is good for him, therefore he’d be stupid.”

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