Love Fashion? Here’s How You Can Use Your Love for Fashion as Inspirations for Home Decor

Love Fashion? Here’s How You Can Use Your Love for Fashion as Inspirations for Home Decor

Are you the type of person who will never go out of the house without stylish attire? If so, you probably do this because you want to look presentable at all times which contributes to a high confidence level. In some cases, you may want to look extravagant just because fashion has a special place in your heart. If you are the latter, did you know that you can use your love for fashion as an inspiration for home decor?

When you can cultivate your own fashion sense in the overall look of your house, its appearance can then make you happy and satisfied. If you can determine the design style that matches your fashion style, you can avoid purchasing items that will look out of place when you get them home.

All you need to know about Yorkshire Fabric Shop

In order for you to have home decorative items that can best reflect your love for a specific fashion style, then you must purchase from a shop that allows you to customize their design, color, and print. One of the most popular home decor shops today is the Yorkshire Fabric shop. It offers a wide range of customizable home decors such as cushions, made to measure curtains and roman blinds, and elegant statement chairs. It is committed to crafting authentic products that are made by its expert weavers and artisans.

When you try to browse the website, you will find out that it has a fabric finder feature. It will allow you to see all the items with the same style, color, and print. In this way, you no longer have to browse from a long list of items. If you happen to love a specific fabric that you think can best represent your fashion sense, you can request the shop to deliver a sample on your doorstep. It will not cost you a single centavo since this service is offered for free. Don’t hesitate to contact the shop for inquiries and questions, it has excellent customer service that is willing to go out of its way just to provide you with your needed support.

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Yorkshire Fabric Shop handmade cushions

Before anything else, you first need to search the shop’s website using any browser installed on your device. After this, search for the cushion that you want to customize. For the size, you can select from four options, namely 28 cm x 28 cm, 43 cm x 43 cm, 55 cm x 55 m, and 50 cm x 30 cm.

1.   JO-1089 handmade cushion

The JO-1089 handmade cushion has a kilim azter pattern in blue cream. Its color scheme is perfect for houses with a Japanese-interior design. If your fashion sense includes the use of geometric patterns with complementary colors, then this one’s for you. It is made from chenille upholstery fabric composed of 61% polyester, 18% viscose, 12% cotton, and 9% linen.

2.   CTR-710 handmade cushion

If you have this CTR-710 handmade cushion in your living room, your guests will infer that you love animal prints and natural colors. Its design includes a parrot and several trees and leaves. The manufacturer uses chenille pattern fabrics with 50% polyester and 50% cotton in crafting it.

Yorkshire fabric shop made to measure curtains and roman blinds

The shop offers a wide array of options of curtains and roman blinds. It will let you indicate your desired measurement for the items that you will purchase. Besides that, there are a series of steps that will allow you to customize them based on your preference and style.

1.   JO-1352 made to measure curtains

The JO-1352 made to measure curtains has a large design kilim-inspired pattern in blue teal color. Its chenille upholstery fabric is composed of 53% polyester, 27% cotton, and 20% viscose. You can request flame retardant treatment at an affordable price.

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2.   JO-530 roman blinds

The JO-530 roman blinds have leaf floral patterns with eye-catching colors. Its unique appearance can turn a boring window into an Instagram-worthy one. Its chenille fabric material has a weight of 450 grams per linear meter. It has a vertical and horizontal pattern repeat of 60 cm and 35 cm respectively.

In a Nutshell

The only time that you can enjoy living in a house for several years is when you are able to purchase decorative items that best reflect your fashion sense. So make sure that you purchase your cushions, curtains, and blinds from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop!