Mobile Massage: The Complete Guide

Mobile Massage: The Complete Guide

Mobile massage services are becoming increasingly popular as they gain in popularity. Approximately 59% of massage therapists work from their clients’ homes or offices, as reported by AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association). Many massage therapists are interested in starting their own mobile massage businesses because of the growing popularity of mobile massage.

In order to start a mobile massage business, what are the steps needed? The following steps are required to start a mobile massage business:

  • The journey to becoming a massage therapist is filled with long hours, training, and certification 
  • Being self-employed or starting your own business
  • Equipment needs to be purchased
  • Mobile massage apps are available for download
  • A business’s marketing strategy
  • The key to success is retaining customers

Throughout this guide, I will provide detailed information on how to set up a mobile massage business. Due to my experience with the best Professional Massage London has to offer, I have started and run a successful mobile massage business. 

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Is Mobile Massage a Good Idea?

It is important to define exactly what mobile massage is before we begin the process of starting a business. There are a variety of places to get a massage: spas, parlors, hotels, resorts, even in your home. 

Receiving massage therapy doesn’t require a particular location. This is the idea behind mobile massage. In order to provide mobile massages, massage therapists go to the locations of their clients. As well as visiting their clients, massage therapists can be found working in hotels and offices. 

Clients who book mobile massages at hotels or at their homes (for travelers or tourists) are the majority. Mobile massage therapists London are often hired by companies to provide massage services to their employees. 

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A mobile massage therapist visits a client’s home or hotel to provide massage services. Both mobile massages and chair massages are available in offices. 

Starting a mobile massage business

There are certain prerequisites you must meet before starting a massage business on the go. You may not be ready to offer your services to clients just because your friends and family consider you to be an exceptional masseur.

If the mobile massage therapist has previously massaged friends or family members, I hire them only. A mobile massage therapist must also possess professional qualifications. 

We will discuss starting a mobile massage business in London and some of the main prerequisites and requirements to do so in this section. 

An education and certification are the #1 prerequisites for starting a mobile massage business

I expect you will offer your clients mobile massages based on your business plan. You won’t have any competition on your mobile massage marketplace. 

You must have the necessary certifications, training, and experience to start a mobile massage business. 

A certification program that is accredited and offers 100 training hours is the minimum requirement for practicing massage therapy. AMTA provides laws and regulations from state levels, as well as information on accreditation.

It is the United Kingdom. Does not require a level 3 qualification (NVQ level 3) in massage therapy, sports science, anatomy, or biology. Additional training of at least 200 hours is needed. 

London school of massage offers massage therapy courses to students who are interested in becoming therapists.