Must-Visit Attractions on Yas Island

Must-Visit Attractions on Yas Island

Yas Island is undoubtedly one of the popular landmarks in Abu Dhabi. Spread over an area of 2500 hectares, the artificial island is a perfect entertainment, residential, and luxurious shopping hub. From family-friendly destinations to unique attractions, you will find everything. That’s not all! The island has much more to offer than you can actually imagine. The Yas Island attractions allow people to enjoy their lives to the fullest. In this article, you will explore the must-visit attractions on the island. Let’s dive in!

  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Are you someone who enjoys adventurous and high-speed rides? If yes, you will have a great time at Ferrari World. It is truly a paradise for car lovers and motorsport enthusiasts. The amusement park is full of exquisite and experiential rides that promise a memorable time with your loved ones. From rollercoaster rides to zip lining and roof walks, you can enjoy everything to the core.

  • Yas Marina Circuit

When it comes to Yas Island attractions, you cannot leave behind the Yas Marina Circuit. It is a one-stop destination for motorsports and adventure lovers. You will get to explore one of the ultramodern race tracks in the world. Yas Marina Circuit gives you a chance to drive top-notch racing cars like Aston Martin GT4 and go kart racing. Moreover, you can also indulge in thrilling activities like drift taxis, drag racing, and more.

  • Yas Links

If you are a fan of golf, Yas Links is one of the must-visit Yas Island attractions. The golf course is an ideal destination for both seasoned players and amateur golfers. It features a gym, clubhouse, golf academy, spa, and practice ranges. Moreover, you will find several dining options at the course where you can enjoy some great food.

  • Yas Waterworld
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Yas Waterworld is a perfect gateway to beat the hot summers and spend time splashing in the pool. The fun-filled destination allows you to choose from the multiple pools. Besides that, you can get to enjoy over 40 exciting, splashy rides. The waterworld has all the amenities and features to provide an immersive aqua experience to visitors. The best part is that people of all ages can have an enjoyable time at Yas Waterworld.

  • Yas Marina

If you are looking for some great culinary experiences, nothing can beat Yas Marina. Whether you want to try the local delicacies or indulge in a delectable seafood meal, you can find it all. Apart from enjoying good food, you can soak in the mesmerising views of the pristine waters. You can even take a relaxing stroll along the dock. Moreover, you can even go for a kayaking adventure amidst the mangrove palms. 


The list of Yas Island attractions is indeed long. Being one of the top Abu Dhabi landmarks, the island offers a wide range of leisure and fun activities. It offers you a chance to spend quality time with your near and dear ones while creating new memories. Are you visiting Yas Island soon? In that case, make sure to visit these places and experience the ultimate level of enjoyment.