Prophecies for Poland

Prophecies for Poland

There are many predictions about the future of Poland. We have compiled a list of the most important and best known. All our readers do not have to search on various sites on the Internet. Here you will find the most important prophecies for Poland.

The fate of Poland is expressed in many prophecies for Poland, because (contrary to appearances) it is an extremely important country from the point of view of the fate of the whole world. Our country is to greatly influence the shaping of the future of the entire planet. Poles will prove to be a model for other nationalities. They will show what is really important and how to realize oneself in life.

Prophecies for Poland and all kinds of prophecies, both worldwide and specific to our country, have been gaining special significance in recent years. One of the most important prophecies, the implementation of which is fast approaching, concerns the fact that a spark will come out of Poland for the spiritual renewal of humanity.

Prophecies for Poland: Nostradamus

Nostradamus claimed that Poland would be a significant force after World War III. In one of his centuries (Persage IX 44, 88) he writes:

After 500, the Jagiellonian country will rise from its knees, it will replace the Great Rus in the east. Together with France in a great alliance, they will rule Europe after the third war.

Nostradamus also wrote that “when the Fish gives way to Aquarius and Aquarius takes power, people will find the key to the gate and the gate will be opened.” This prophecy refers to the fact that at some point people will discover (be presented to them) a new path of spiritual wisdom. Abandoning old beliefs in favor of new knowledge will open the way to a completely different quality of life on Earth.

Prophecies for Poland: Ludwik Rocca

Ludwik Rocca is a nineteenth-century Franciscan who predicted, inter alia, both World Wars, the Holocaust, the election of Pope Karol Wojtyła and many other important events. The monk’s visions were extremely interesting from the Polish point of view. In many of his predictions he mentioned our country and the events that are to take place in it.

Brother Ludwik claimed that Poland would become one of the most powerful countries in Europe and that Slavic countries would unite under its authority. Together, the Slavs will expel Muslims from Europe. Interestingly, our country will eventually regain the king, who will come from the former princely family. The religious also revealed that Poland would become so important that they would teach Polish at universities around the world .

Prophecies for Poland: Madame Sylvia

Madame Sylvia is a woman of English origin born in the 19th century who died in 1948. And nothing would be unusual about it, if not for the fact that just before her death she also made an amazing prophecy about the future. She spoke, for example, of a united Europe (“I see one flag, a European flag”) and that nations will begin to live in harmony like brothers and sisters. Poland appears in the following part of the prophecy of Madame Sylvia:

A spark will come out of a small country in the middle of Europe, which will embrace the whole world with a flame of change and change it for the better. In this country, after changes, a high tower will be built, which residents are to build. It will be the spiritual center of the world.

It is true that the visionary did not mention our country specifically, but in the light of the predictions of other clairvoyants, one can conclude that Poland was the point here. After the events described in the prophecy, there will never be any bloodshed in Europe.

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Prophecies for Poland: Edgar Cayce

The famous sleeping prophet from the United States (born March 18, 1877 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky; died January 3, 1945 in Virginia Beach, Virginia). Edgar Cayce fell into a specific trance, during which he experienced visions of the future. He spoke about the impending disaster in the world, which is to resemble the biblical flood:

There will be seas and oceans, the earth will shake, and millions will die.

It is characteristic that Cayce gave a very precise sign of these events, because then Atlantis will appear again, which now rests under the ocean. Cayce spoke clearly about the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the chamber of knowledge that is hidden in Giza. In his opinion, people will manage to reach this chamber and gain access to extraordinary knowledge.

Edgar Cayce mentioned that this is the ancient knowledge of the Atlanteans that will see the light of day at the beginning of the new century. The opening of the Great Pyramid will be the biggest and groundbreaking event that awaits humanity. Like many other visionaries, Cayce mentioned that this knowledge would allow the creation of flying machines that will fill the earth’s sky.

The Dreaming Prophet warned that three days of darkness await the earth in connection with the impending disaster. He saw no way to avoid this catastrophe. He believed that humanity deserved to survive the fall, and must thus be reborn in a new shape. After the opening of the Great Pyramid there will be a golden period in the history of mankind.

Prophecies for Poland: Stefan Ossowiecki

Stefan Ossowiecki is a Polish engineer dealing with paranormal phenomena, considered the most outstanding Polish clairvoyant. His unique abilities appeared very early when he was 14 years old. It is worth mentioning here that he quickly became famous in almost all of Europe not only as a clairvoyant, but also as a medium. The peak of his fame fell on the interwar period.

At that time, demonstrations were organized at which he demonstrated his unique skills. Apparently he could levitate in his youth. He lay on his back then, before the eyes of witnesses, he hovered above the ground. It was only at the end of his life that he awakened abilities that could be compared to those possessed by Nostradamus. Ossowiecki saw the future of Poland.

In 1938, he gave the exact date of the outbreak of World War II, and also said that there would be a partition of Poland between Germany and Russia. The most interesting fragment concerned what he said about the future of our country. In his opinion, Poland wills production a very important part in the process of mystical rebirth of the world. It was our country that Ossowiecki pointed out as the one who would be a model for others.

Prophecies for Poland: Leszek Szuman

Leszek Szuman (born on November 18, 1903 in Poznan, died on June 12, 1987 in Szczecin) is one of the greatest and most recognizable European astrologers. He was extremely active professionally – in his life he worked in a total of twelve professions. He became seriously interested in astrology at the age of thirty.

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He was known, among other things, for the fact that every person who reported to him for a horoscope went to his special archive. There, in a sealed envelope, Szuman wrote the date of death of such a man. Then, after the death of that person, Szuman’s family came forward and opened the envelope. The date of death of each person was precisely written on the card.

Predicting the future of Poland belonged to Szuman’s less-known public opinion. He claimed that our planet would face nightmarish catastrophes, which would also cause Poland to suffer. He spoke about the seas that would rise from the shores and flood North America and Western Europe.

To the amazement of many of his friends, Szuman talked about the time when the knowledge of ancient cultures would become widespread in the world. Then there will be the golden age of humanity, the rebirth of man. He advised not to leave Poland but concentrate on strengthening his faith. However, he was not optimistic about the near future. He used to say:

I am glad that I will not wait for all the horrors that await humanity.

Prophecies for Poland: Father Klimuszko

Father Klimuszko predicted that he saw Poland as shining around like the sun. He said the following:

Poland will be a source of new law in the world, and this country will be as honored as high in Europe. There will be a war in Europe, but it will not pass through Poland. The states of Europe will bow to Poland. I see a map of Europe; I can see a Polish eagle wearing a crown. Poland shines like the sun and this glow is falling around.

All this is going to happen against the backdrop of events very unfavorable to the rest of the world, especially Europe:

War will break out in the South when all treaties are concluded and lasting peace is branched. Russia will be betrayed by her neighbors. Fiery spears will hit the traitors. Whole cities are on fire. Then the rockets will fly over the ocean, cross with others, fall into the sea, and wake the beast. She’s getting up from the bottom. Breastfeeding drives a huge wave. I saw transatlantic liners worn like shells … This Mountain of water glides towards Europe. New Deluge! Choke on Gibraltar! Spill out into the center of Spain, pour into Rome.

Meanwhile, over Poland alone dark clouds Klimuszko did not see:

Our people should not get out of it badly. Maybe five, maybe ten percent is doomed. I know it’s a lot, it’s already millions, but France and Germany will lose more. Italia will suffer the most. It is truly uniting Europe.

Prophecies for Poland: TB Joshua

TB Joshua (born June 12, 1963) is a well-known and respected Nigerian priest and healer. He is the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), which broadcasts its programs on one of the largest Christian television – Emmanuel TV.

The organization also provides humanitarian aid to the poor. Joshua also predicts the future. On August 31, 2014, he prophesied about the impending crisis that is to appear soon in Poland. First he predicted the Smolensk disaster, and then he also spoke about a serious internal crisis. Here is the content:

Poland Country. They (Poles) should pray for their nation because of their crisis. It can start at any moment from now and starts in a funny way […] pray for them because I saw sixteen. So I asked, what is this “sixteen”? What does this word mean? I wanted to know what was going on and then I saw Poland. Pray for this nation. This is very, very important!

Prophecies for Poland: Aloes Irlmaier

Aloes Irlmaier is a construction worker from Germany (Freilassing in Bavaria) who, after the war, was covered with earth and survived clinical death. Since then, he began to experience extraordinary visions about the future. There was a disaster in his visions that would somehow be associated with the outbreak of World War III. He warned that Islamic countries would take advantage of the confusion caused by this disaster and would try to conquer Europe. They will try to poison the people with gas:

I see a golden line of dust approaching people. Whoever crosses this line will die.

According to Islrmaier, you will not have to leave the house for three days to survive. It is best to seal the windows so that gas does not get into the houses. Despite the precautions taken, millions will die anyway. There will be so many victims that:

If you throw the grain into the ground after what happens, it will shoot in the chest of a buried man.

After the war, Alois Irlmaier predicted a great period. One reason for this is that Europe will change to a warmer climate. He also maintained that a spiritual center would be created in a small country in the middle of Europe, which would radiate to the whole world. In his opinion, the pyramids will be opened, in which answers to many important questions for humanity will be found. Then it will turn out what the true origin of man is. Irlmaier’s records show that the signal to open the pyramids is to come out of Europe, and a group of people led by God will do it.

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Prophecies for Poland: Andrzej Gwiazda

Andrzej Gwiazda is a Polish stigmatic who lives in a small town near Lublin. Wonderful lights were often seen above his house, and in the presence of many witnesses a figure resembling the Mother of God appeared. In the place of the apparition a church was built.

Andrzej Gwiazda claims that Poland will play the most important role in the upcoming transformations on Earth. In our country there will be brave people who dare to pass true spiritual knowledge to all mankind. He mentioned that a center would be created in our country, something like a center that would cover the whole world. He also talked about a man who will appear in Poland and will be known all over the world. He will be the one who will light the lantern of spiritual wisdom.

The star also saw water flooding the banks and powerful waves of several kilometers long. The whole Earth will shake and the oceans will rise from their shores. All this will last very shortly, after which the Earth will return to its place.

Prophecy of the Great Pyramid

According to many researchers of the Egyptian pyramids, the corridor of the Great Pyramid of Cheops predicts the fate of humanity. Each of his breakdown, every detail symbolizes a specific event in world history. The prophecy of the pyramid contains information about the impending disaster that is to be associated with the water flooding the continents.

At this time, a new world is to be created and a new man will be born. The Great Pyramid is to play an important role in upcoming events. It is from this that knowledge will come that will show the direction for all mankind. When people manage to read the message it contains, the pyramid builders will return to Earth. They will help humanity in the construction of a new and better world. According to experts, we are now living in a time which the prophecy of the Great Pyramid calls the “Last Times“.