8 hugs per day – why is it so important?

8 hugs per day – why is it so important?

“Do you know what bothers me? A planet without hugs “is Ryan Gosling’s best famed quote, with which we completely agree. Hugs – tender, strong, tremulous, amazing, giving a feeling of warmth, security and forgiveness. They are a vital part of message: between loved ones, friends and classmates, parents and children. Often such a simple appearance of spirits, we do not pay due attention, but in vain – and that’s why.



In the 20th century, the American psychotherapist Virginia Satir presented the theory that a person needs 8 hugs a day to feel good. It is improbable that such a number is a maxim. Rather, it is a least. The fact is that hugs are a dominant process of energy exchange, furthermore, positive. Have you seen that after hugging it becomes calmer and mystically all the hitches disappear into the background? So, throughout hugs between people a strong emotional link is established. To feel it as entirely as imaginable, according to psychologists, it takes at least 10 seconds. This is precisely what is required in order to understanding positive feelings that recompense for the lack of provision and courtesy.

Experts have found that a person who is deprived of such intimacy often closes in on himself and becomes depressed. Women are especially prone to this: psychologists say that they have a greater need for hugs than men. Nevertheless, both of them should not hide their feelings. If something happened, the first thing to do is hug tightly. This will relieve panic sensations, and vice versa – it will give confidence that everything will be fine.

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Scientists have found that the positive emotions we experience really have a beneficial effect on health, and this is far from self-hypnosis. So, with hugs in the blood, the level of a number of hormones rises.

For example, oxytocin is produced – a hormone that is responsible for reducing anxiety and exacerbating a sense of security. So, even a stranger with whom we hug will be surprisingly closer to us. Also, with hugs, endorphin is released into the blood – the hormone of euphoria and happiness. This means that by ordinary touch you can cope with the worst mood. Remember how it was in childhood: when mom takes the baby in her arms, hugs, a smile immediately appears on his face. With adults, this simple trick also works. In addition, touch reduces the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, thereby eliminating stress and sending calming signals to the brain. So, in children, whom parents often hugged in childhood, a more stable psyche.

Surprisingly, it is a fact: hugs, like vitamins, also contribute to increasing immunity. It’s all about increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood. It is not surprising that people who often cuddle live much longer than those who hold back their feelings. In his book Aleph, the famous writer Paulo Coelho said: “Each sincere and cordial hug extends our life for one day.” Another interesting study showed that one hug per day for health can be compared with the same as if you ate one apple. About 70 kcal per hour is spent on a strong hug.

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Although International Hug Day will only be celebrated on January 21, there is no need for an occasion for such a manifestation of feelings. It is imperative to prove your love, faith and veneration every day. 8, 9, and 10 – as many times as you like – a hug without words will explain everything and put it in its place.