Restaurant discount vouchers for online ordering

Restaurant discount vouchers for online ordering

96% of customers use restaurant discount vouchers. They are a great marketing tool that can strongly impact increased sales in a very short period of time. How can you benefit from this at your restaurant?

The Enjoy Stevie online ordering system will make it possible to generate food restaurant discounts for your customers and to configure them freely. See what benefits this can bring for you.

What are restaurant discount vouchers?

You have certainly come across discount coupons handed out in flyers at restaurants. It is also popular to grant discounts at restaurants when the customer says a special “password”.

Best restaurant coupons work in exactly the same way in the system. Simply speaking, it is a single discount granted to the customer when they enter a special code when making an order through the restaurant website or restaurant mobile app.

Create best restaurant discount vouchers

The online food ordering system enables you to create online restaurant coupons as you wish. The voucher may be for single- or multiple-use. You can decide how many vouchers can be redeemed by one customer. You can also define the validity period.

Online ordering for restaurants will also enable you to choose words or phrases that will activate restaurant deals and coupons. Then, instead of random characters and digits, your customers can enter a code that is associated with the brand.

Use Vouchers to Increase the Number of Orders

Discount vouchers are a marketing tool that will enable you to increase the number of orders in a short period of time. If you want to increase your sales quickly, use discount vouchers.

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Quick increase to profit

Less busy at your restaurant? 62% of customers are looking for restaurant discount and dining deals coupons on the internet. Encourage customers to make orders with discount vouchers that have a limited validity period. Discounts that are available only for a short period strongly impact the shopping decision.