Creative Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season

Creative Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings a lot of sparkle to the business and consumer relationship, especially if your company has planned in advance for the Christmas rush. Falling behind on stocking shelves or hiring temp labor can create a consumer nightmare, making it important that preparation for the big season take place long before the months of November and December. When you know you are ready, you can spend a little extra time on marketing, bringing in additional revenue during the Christmas season. Mailing out a coupon with business Christmas cards or creating your own Christmas jingle are just a few great Christmas marketing ideas for your small business.

Redesign Your Branding

Festive images create magical feelings around Christmas, so you can gain a lot of positive attention if you alter your logo or branding to include elements of the holiday season. Change up your digital marketing elements for easily recognized signs of the season. This is a great long-term investment, as you can reuse business Christmas cards or a Christmas-altered logo for years to come. Be sure that your images or adjustments are well-thought-out and wouldn’t be perceived as negative or offensive to certain demographics in your target audience.

Create a Holiday Narrative

For content marketing to be effective, it should be designed to bring value to consumers. Don’t use your social media platforms, whether blogs, images, or posts, to simply blast your products or services to the masses. You want to use these platforms to engage your consumers and draw them into the company culture. Create a holiday narrative with your digital content, sharing holiday-themed updates or festive seasonal information. You can share favorite recipes from staff, followed by pictures of the result. Interview office staff for favorite memories and share them with your consumers. Keep your sales posts to a minimum as you work to develop brand recognition.

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Host Engagement Contests

Social media is one of the easiest ways to interact with a large number of consumers at once, and creating holiday-themed contests can garner serious attention. Using a free product, discount, or another prize, develop engagement posts or games that will encourage top fans and social media followers to interact with your company. You can have followers submit posts of their Christmas tree, their pets dressed up for the holidays, or pictures of the first snow. Create a contest that involves your company’s product or services, as this can be an organic way to highlight your company through the consumer.

Conduct Mailers

Though email marketing is still a winner for the efficient, mass delivery of information, home mailers are another way to put tangible items in the hands of your consumers. You can design business Christmas cards that send a message of holiday cheer, but you can also incorporate a coupon code that entices the consumer to head into the store or your office to redeem. It is easy to combine pleasure with business during the Christmas season. Real estate agents still have a lot of success with mail campaigns, and the many holiday themes or slogans you can use for your company should have you enjoying a similar return on investment.

Rope in the Kids

The holiday season is full of parents looking for things to make a child’s Christmas magical. Capitalize on this desire by hosting a workshop or picture session with Santa and his elves. You will be getting the attention of the kids while getting parents or relatives in the store or in the office to do business. You don’t have to be in retail in order for a visit with Santa to attract attention. Your goal is to spread brand awareness, and if you can get people talking about your company, word-of-mouth can deliver remarkable results.

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Use the holiday season to boost your revenue and generate new interest in your company. For the best deals in Christmas cards to send to your loyal customers, check out Cards for Causes.