When is Mother’s Day 2021? history of the holiday

When is Mother’s Day 2021? history of the holiday

Any of us, even if wake up in the middle of the night, remembers the date of International Women’s Day. And many have heard about International Mother’s Day.

But few people know about Mother’s Day 2021, and when asked “when is it celebrated” falls into a stupor. Moreover! – For many, the discovery will be not only its date, but also the actual existence of the holiday, which will be celebrated on calendario noviembre 28 in 2021.

Meanwhile, Mother’s Day has been celebrated for over twenty years! Since 1998. It was then that this holiday was officially established. And then it was decided to mark the date every last Sunday in November.

This holiday is young for USA, Russia, and UK. However, all over the world (at least in most countries), Mothering Sunday has been celebrated for the fourth century – an analogue of our Mother’s Day.

Initially, it was an unofficial holiday, but in 1910 the state of Virginia made Mother’s Day official, and in 1914, US President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May a national holiday in honor of all American mothers. Today it is celebrated in the countries of Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia, China and Japan in the last month of spring.

Soon other countries joined this holiday, celebrating it every second Sunday in May. And about 30 more states celebrate Mother’s Day on other days, for example:

  • UK – April 3
  • Russia and Ukraine celebrate May 12
  • Armenia – April 7
  • Belarus – October 14
  • Georgia – March 3
  • Kazakhstan – September 16
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