Should You Buy a Boat? – Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Should You Buy a Boat? – Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Owning a boat can be a magical experience. You can take to the seas whenever your heart desires, enjoy the fresh air, fish, swim and impress your friends with a little getaway. 

For many, however, buying a boat can feel very much like a pipe dream. For some people, it could also be a nightmare, which is why understanding your responsibilities and the pros and cons that go along with buying a boat is crucial to making the right decision. 

Realistically, you should probably only buy a boat if you can afford it and have the time to look after it, so this piece will take a look at what is worth considering before you hand over your cash.

Let’s get into it!

Pro – Living that Getaway Life

Taking a break is expensive these days. It used to be much more manageable, but since the pandemic and the cost of living and fuel increased, going away for a daybreak can cost as much as a month’s rent! 

Therefore, buying a boat can be like the getaway that keeps on giving as (weather permitting) you can take to the sea and enjoy some time away from land and its problems whenever you feel like it. Some may say this in itself is priceless. 

Depending on the size of your boat, you can also treat friends and family to a getaway too, or give them a much-needed break for a couple of hours. There is nothing quite like being able to go out on the water of your own accord, so paying for that luxury can be very worth it for some people.

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Possible Con – Expensive

If you are looking at buying a boat, the likelihood is that you are not exactly counting the pennies right now – however, if this is a prospect you have dreamed of and saved up for, it might be that you will have to have a real think about the added extras. This includes regular fuel, mooring and dock fees, storage, any repairs, and also maintenance. All of these additional extras can add up, especially if you do not have somewhere to store your boat or you are not planning on using it regularly – so take this into consideration before biting the bullet! 

Pro – You Can Explore New Places 

Having the option to explore new places that can also be difficult to get to by another vehicle such as by car can be very exciting. Not only does it remove the limits of the land, but it also means you can go further afield, avoid the traffic if you are going from harbour to harbour, and enjoy the ride on the way. Coves, beaches, harbours and islands, can all be on the adventure menu when you have a boat, which can be significantly more difficult on foot or by car. 

Some boats will also have facilities on board so you can leave for a whole day (or longer) in complete comfort. Do not forget river trips either, as you can travel through villages on a narrow boat to get the best of both water and land! If you are looking to take the plunge and get your own boat, then check out narrow boats for sale, which are perfect for long cruises through towns, relaxing days off and even alternative accommodation!

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Possible Con – Keeping it Clean

Bringing anything new into your life means having an extra item to clean – the only fine detail is how much cleaning you will have to do. It is safe to say that a boat and a washing machine are on very different scales when it comes to time consumption and maintenance!

Depending on how big your boat is will also determine how much additional cleaning will need to be done, but the essential compartments will be pretty much the same on any – along with the maintenance that is needed.

Without adequate cleaning, your boat can be prone to erosion, which can cause structural damage and make your boat unsafe to go out in. Keeping your boat safe needs to be a priority, and keeping it clean is a vital part of that

You will more than likely be able to find pros and cons to anything you are looking to buy, and boats are certainly up there where big decisions are concerned. However, if you are aware of the maintenance costs and cleaning, then your boat will pay you back with adventure, freedom and fresh air.