Sky Bri, Jake Paul’s Rumoured Girlfriend, May Be Seen On Adin Ross’ Dating Website

Sky Bri, Jake Paul’s Rumoured Girlfriend, May Be Seen On Adin Ross’ Dating Website

Without a question, Jake Paul is among the most well-known and well-followed influencers on the planet. Jake Paul generates international headlines with everything he does. The YouTuber recently made headlines after being photographed on a beach cuddling up to OF content producer and Instagram model Sky Bri.

Jake Paul and Julia Rose split up less than a month later, and when he was spotted with Sky Bri lead, the internet erupted. When the YouTuber asked his Twitter to play Jake Paul’s song “I’m Single,” the rumours of his breakup with Julia Rose quickly spread.

The plot now appears to have a fresh twist, though!

As relationship rumours about Jake Paul and Sky Bri circulated, the Instagram model quietly refuted them by working with Adin Ross on a Twitch e-dating stream.

Sky Bri was introduced to a group of Adin Ross’s pals during the e-dating stream with Adin, and she was required to engage with them there. Sky Bri was given the opportunity to select which man excited her the most and score them on a scale of 1 to 10.

Adin Ross’ video received comments that seemed to appreciate the e-dating stream. This E-date was funny, as one person said, while another added, “Bro I mean this when I say this, this was the funniest E-date of all time.” There were far too many instances where I was both laughing and weeping. “Aw heck nah,” remarked Adin Ross upon spotting the faze rug.

Although Jake Paul and Sky Bri have not confirmed their relationship as of yet, the rumours surrounding it have the fans fascinated.

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Just a few weeks after she broke up with Jake, Sky Bri and Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Julia Rose responded to their closeness. She was quite critical of Sky Bri and insisted that it was the proper move for her to break up with Jake Paul.