Now residents of all regions of the country and representatives of foreign countries can receive an education based on our School.

The graphic design courses online UK very popular specialty, “Graphic Design and Advertising,” is a severe education, a high theoretical and practical training, and the ability to make good money from anywhere in the world.

  • This practical course was created for those who want to get a quality education in a short time, but do not have enough time to master the program entirely. Thanks to training at our School, you will become a sought-after specialist in 7 months or significantly improve your professional qualifications!
  • The course teaches practitioners with many years of experience and a rich portfolio, including a professional artist whose works are in UK.
  • Our training is from scratch!

About the profession of Graphic Designer:

If you are creative, always come up with something new, want to create and work in the field of advertising – this profession is exactly what you need! Graphic designers make a true story, to a large extent determining the company’s popularity in the services market. Advertising design should not only be modern. It should reflect the concept of the company, its mission, main goals, and objectives, as well as be visually attractive and informative for a wide range of potential consumers.

The knowledge and skills gained will open the door to advertising agencies, publishers, and editorial offices (media, books, magazines), printing houses, Internet sites (web designers, layout designers), and companies interested in their promotion.

For whom:

  • Residents of UK regions
  • Residents of other countries
  • Young mothers on maternity and maternity leave
  • People who cannot attend classes in person (due to physical, psychological, territorial and other reasons)
  • People who can’t spend time on the road
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Training Requirements:

  • A stationary computer or laptop (tablet) based on IOS or Android is required. RAM must be at least 8 GB, and Adobe® Flash® Player and Google Chrome browser installed to view the broadcasts. Headphones are needed if the sound from the device is quiet. The Internet connection must be stable, at a speed of at least 5 Mbps for sending and transmitting data. Installed WhatsApp messenger on the phone to communicate with the teacher.
  • All third-party applications on the computer, during the broadcast, must be completely closed. Before the start of training, a test session will be organized for each student, where all the technical functionality of the broadcast will be analyzed and shown in detail.
  • Special computer programs (Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Mind Maple Lite – a program for Web Design);
  • Books about which the teacher will tell you (they can be downloaded or, if desired, purchased);
  • Your desire to learn Graphic Design. Perhaps the main point!

At the end of the course you will receive:

  • A diploma of professional retraining of a standard form (for persons with higher and incomplete higher education) or a certificate of professional development of a standard form (for persons with full secondary education);
  • Professional knowledge and skills to start a successful career;
  • Portfolio of works.

Category of students: persons with complete secondary – special, incomplete higher, and higher education.