Take your recruitment to new heights with recruitment software, no matter what sector you operate in

Take your recruitment to new heights with recruitment software, no matter what sector you operate in

Recruitment agencies that strive to deliver exceptional quality services in specific industries or across multiple sectors must adopt a more technology-centered outlook. Recruitment software, for instance, serves as a gateway to novel prospects. Voyager Infinity, on the other hand, is adept at catering to the requirements of all types of recruitment firms by offering comprehensive support.

The process of recruiting new talent is highly competitive. Employers are constantly seeking talented candidates with the right qualifications, skills, and values that align with their organization. Top-tier candidates are in high demand.

Even those recruiters who are proactive understand the importance of being prepared, and going beyond that by being one step ahead of their competitors.

By incorporating our Infinity CRM software into your work system, you can invigorate your workflow and reap benefits for all involved parties. Our services cater to all recruitment agencies, regardless of their industry or the type of recruitment services being provided.

In these trying times, reinforcement is key

By utilizing the appropriate recruitment Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, businesses can potentially unlock numerous opportunities for growth and expansion.

The United Kingdom’s economy is under a significant amount of pressure. The present skills shortage is a result of both Brexit and the pandemic, and it has created a hiring dilemma. The driving recruitment field is experiencing the brunt of this skills shortage, but the healthcare, social care, hospitality, and retail industries are also suffering from a severe shortage of personnel.

The necessity for a powerful recruitment tool persists with unwavering intensity. By collaborating with a software vendor that prioritizes your triumph, you can achieve optimal outcomes with minimal exertion.

Achieve great results with minimal effort

The Voyager Infinity recruitment agency software is both compliant and user-friendly. It significantly streamlines the process of recruitment by automating the mundane and repetitive administrative tasks that often plague the workflow.

Infinity is a tool that caters to all recruitment firms, whether established or small-scale. It’s designed to accommodate all types of recruitment businesses, including start-ups. Voyager Infinity, a cloud-based SaaS CRM, is highly adaptable and fosters growth opportunities for both solopreneurs and start-ups alike.

The efficacy and productivity of recruiters are supported by our potent recruitment software system.

Voyager Infinity handles your workload on your behalf

By implementing innovative approaches to talent acquisition and enhancing the candidate’s journey, it not only promises a better candidate experience but also enables recruiters to attract top-tier candidates, expedite the hiring process, and ensure greater client satisfaction. The outcome is a more efficient and effective recruitment process that delivers superior results.

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Our services stand out and outperform our competitors with ease. Our AI-powered software features, user-friendly CRM, and award-winning customer service all contribute to our position as a valuable partner in our customers’ journeys. Our mission is to help them improve and become more efficient while still maintaining affordability in our services.

A single recruitment platform for multiple industries

No matter what kind of staffing assistance you offer, whether it be permanent, temporary, or contractual placements, and regardless of whether you specialize in a particular industry or have a more diverse clientele, Voyager Infinity possesses the necessary resources to improve and augment your services.

Our Infinity customers receive free skills testing for potential candidates. Our ISV.Online software streamlines the evaluation process by providing a user-friendly platform for skills testing. With these test results, recruiters can make informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of making a bad hire.

Our services extend to agencies that have a diverse range of industry focuses. Our recruitment software is designed to be adaptable to the distinctive requirements of each industry.

Are you struggling with the challenge of handling worker availability in the construction industry? Look no further than the Voyager Infinity recruitment software specifically designed for the construction field. It streamlines the hiring process, making your work more efficient and effective.

Typically, the workforce within this sector is both mobile and transient, necessitating the fulfillment of a variety of compliancy requirements. The maintenance of an up-to-date record of potential candidates and the utilization of a visual planner are effective strategies for managing those candidates who are already on file. Additionally, searching for candidates based on their geographic location can shorten the talent sourcing phase, while also providing quicker access to the most qualified candidates available.

Voyager Infinity is frequently the first choice for education recruiters due to its user-friendly interface and streamlined automation. It simplifies the recruitment process significantly.

In order to ensure smooth operations, it is imperative to hire the appropriate teaching and support personnel. Voyager Infinity streamlines communication by providing effortless means of correspondence. Its SMS and email templates allow for instant replies and confirmation messages that can be sent directly from the CRM. Additionally, Voyager Infinity offers a set of complimentary templates for education recruiters. Our team of seasoned trainers have curated a collection of 12 templates that come standard with every Voyager Infinity installation. Templates such as candidate registration forms, reference requests, candidate applications, and booking confirmations are just a few examples of the templates included to assist in getting started. This exemplifies our unwavering dedication to our clients’ prosperity.

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The healthcare and social care business sectors both attest to this fact. Voyager Infinity has numerous clients in the healthcare, social care, and nursing recruitment fields who proclaim increased efficiency and the software’s assistance in maintaining a pool of compliant and available medical and healthcare personnel. This streamlined process facilitates a quicker fulfillment of each client’s specific needs with ease.

Currently, the United Kingdom is facing a pressing demand for drivers, as a variety of factors such as Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic, and recent tax regulations have all contributed to this issue. As a result of a significant shortage of skilled drivers, many companies are experiencing stock shortages, delays in online deliveries, and other setbacks.

When it comes to hiring experienced and compliant drivers at a faster rate than competitors, our driver recruitment software is the key differentiator.

The real-time compliance checking system of Voyager Infinity is extensive and particularly advantageous in ensuring that all legal obligations are met. Therefore, it is crucial for recruiters to cross-reference and verify that all driving staff satisfy the requisite criteria. The use of our CRM will simplify compliance checks, provide timely reminders, and guarantee that all documentation is up-to-date.

The integration of Voyager Infinity with ISV.Online, our affiliated brand that specializes in online skills assessments, can streamline the process of identifying your ideal candidates. These driving assessments, which are focused on topics such as safety, legislation, and terminology, are presented as a series of multiple-choice questions, with scores being immediately available upon completion. Every month, up to ten candidates can be assessed at no cost to Voyager Infinity customers.

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The need for personnel in the hospitality sector is persistently on the upswing. Infinity provides a more streamlined approach for staffing agencies that specialize in catering and hospitality to enhance their recruitment methodology. Do you aspire to foster a crop of gifted and compliant prospects? The CRM platform enables you to stay abreast of your pool of potential employees, whether they are chefs or non-cooking staff. With Infinity, not a single moment goes to waste, as the system automates nearly every aspect of the recruitment process, including candidate sourcing and registration, regulatory compliance, and timesheet processing.

Recruiters are aided by planners and rankings color-coded for ease of use in selecting the most qualified workers. This includes the ability to swiftly book temporary wait staff for immediate needs and chefs for one-time occasions. Our CRM additionally accommodates hospitality recruiters who regularly book large numbers of workers on behalf of their clientele.

Recruiting technical talent is a daunting task for IT and engineering recruiters. Finding qualified and experienced IT and engineering professionals in a market as competitive as this requires strategic planning. This is why recruiters rely on Infinity as their go-to recruiting platform for sourcing IT, technical, and engineering staff. Our platform makes it effortless to simultaneously browse job boards such as LinkedIn and other social media sites, enabling our users to accomplish more in less time. Once suitable candidates are identified, importing their profiles and creating records for them on the CRM system is a simple process.

By using Infinity, you can make better recruiting choices

Our dedication at Voyager is unwavering when it comes to presenting recruiters with improved, expedited, and simplified methods of recruitment. By collaborating with us, you can conserve both time and energy.

The recruitment cycle can be a complex and challenging process for recruiters. However, our recruiting platform simplifies the entire process, making it easier for recruiters to manage. Recruitment firms are inherently unique, with each agency having its own niche. If you feel that your current recruitment software provider does not cater to your industry-specific requirements, please reach out and schedule a complimentary demo. ave, and our dedication to your success is a standard feature of our service.