The Benefits of Using Decorative LED Street Lighting

The Benefits of Using Decorative LED Street Lighting

Just like good roads and pavements are part of essential public spaces, so is lighting.  Imagine that walking home from the shops or work without beautiful commercial led tree lights. Would you not feel insecure? If your location is lucky, you might benefit from moonlight or headlights from passing vehicles to illuminate your path and familiar features.

Before the advent of LED, the street designers and contractors only had 3 to 5 options when it came to providing street light decoration or luminaires. Today, Evermore Lighting is offering you a wide range of street lighting options as technology evolves. And they come with multiple benefits.

Beautiful and Stylish Commercial LED Street Lights

While modern street lighting may never bring the same kind of illumination brought by natural daylight, it provides sufficient light for you to move around safely and recognize objects as you traverse the road.

LED light decoration has introduced styling to street lighting. The Evermore street light decoration comes with artistic features that provide attractive, colorful, and functional lighting elements.

Energy Efficient Street Lighting

Compared to traditional incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent options, LED lights to utilize about 50% less electricity. This leads to substantial savings in energy costs, especially in spaces where you need lights for extended periods such as pavements or home driveways. Besides, a typical incandescent bulb only lasts about 1,000 hours against 8000 to 10000 hours you can get from fluorescent LED lights.

LEDs from Evermore Lighting can also be installed in a specific direction to emit light in a specific direction, unlike conventional bulbs that emit heat and light in all directions. This is because LEDs are typically mounted on a flat surface enabling them to emit light hemispherically instead of spherically. This aspect of directional lighting reduces wasted energy from your street light decoration applications.

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Designed for Durability

LEDs, unlike incandescent lighting, don’t fail or “burn out”; they only dim over time. The quality LED street light decorations from Evermore Lighting are capable of serving you for between 30,000 and 50,000 hours depending on the usage. Because they are made without glass enclosures or filaments, LEDs are less prone to breakages and largely immune to standard vibrations and impact.

The consistent durability of each component from street light decoration ensures you get years of hassle-free street lighting. Also, the decorative street lighting collection comes with solid warranties.

Complete Lighting Package

LEDs reduce the labor costs associated with frequently replacing bulbs, helping you achieve a lower maintenance street lighting system. When ordering street light decoration from Evermore Lighting, you are assured of getting a complete package that comes with poles, lamps, luminaires, and the necessary mounting hardware for an easy installation. And the light packages can be fully customized to meet your unique needs. LED technology is now a popular choice for anyone seeking to light up their private (and public) areas. Evermore Lighting offers you a broad variety of decorative LED street lighting options to choose from.