Chronic Diseases are Increasingly Appearing in the World.

Chronic Diseases are Increasingly Appearing in the World.

Dr. Sebi developed the African Biomineral Balance Program to address chronic health problems caused by poor dietary intake.

Dr. Sebi acknowledged that illness is a symptom of mucus and excess acid in the body. However, he believed that there only ONE illness caused by feeding acidic foods. When the food becomes acidic. It forced to remove minerals from the bones to restore alkalinity. Mucus produced to protect delicate cell membranes from acid damage.

Broken membranes and sticky mucus reduce the cell’s ability to absorb vital nutrients and remove toxic waste products. As a result, blood flow becomes difficult, pressure rises, oxygenation decreases, and waste stagnates. This creates ideal conditions for developing the disease, and without proper nutrition, the body’s natural repair mechanisms cannot work effectively *.

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