The Best Smart Door Lock

The Best Smart Door Lock

A smart lock is arguably the most important part of a truly Internet-connected smart home. It will not only allow you to come and go as you please, but it will also keep track of who enters and leaves your house while you are away. Some models allow you to simply open and close doors using your phone. Some allow you to assign special privileges to friends, family, or service personnel.

Others can be activated using voice commands or triggers from other devices and smart home services. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a smart lock, as well as reviews of the best models.

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What is a smart door lock?

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is how much it will cost to upgrade your traditional castle. After all, a smart lock costs a lot more than a standard lock that you can get from homebtb. You can find here several smart locks ranging from according to your budget, but if you want a lock that can be controlled from anywhere with features like voice commands, push notifications and email notifications mail, and tamper alarms, expect to pay anywhere in the max range.

Many smart lock manufacturer offer a mobile app that lets you lock and open doors with a simple tap of an icon. Some offer a web application that lets you control things from your desktop or laptop. Mainly applications let you to add enduring and impermanent users and set entrée schedules for exact days and times.

Amazing and most useful features

Bluetooth enabled

If the lock has Bluetooth enabled, you must be within range (about 40 feet) to communicate with it, while locks with built-in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi bridging can be controlled from almost anywhere as long as they are connected to your home router. Make sure your smart lock has activity logs so you can go back in time to see who entered or left your home and when that activity took place.

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Voice activation

The latest versions of smart lock manufacturer offer features such as voice activation, and automatic locking. With voice activation, locking and unlocking doors is as easy as possible; just tell your phone to “unlock the front door” and the lock will unlock. With this feature, you never have to worry if you locked yourself out before leaving the house; just use the mobile app to establish a perimeter around your home and use your phone’s location services to find your exact location.  When you leave the perimeter, you can automatically turn on the lock behind you. Likewise, the auto-lock feature will turn on the lock automatically after it has been unlocked for a specified period of time.

Keyless touchpads

Other features to look out for include keyless touchpads for when you don’t have a phone or keys, tampering and forced sign-in signals that alert you of a potential hack, as well as push notifications, text notifications, and push notifications. Emails that tell you who comes and goes in real time.

Others need smart features like an auto-lock feature or a lock that plugs into your existing security system. We tested the best smart locks on the homebtb and these are our favorites that we will update regularly as we review new products.

The smart lock manufacturer is no longer as simple as basic locks. A wide range of products are now available for all possible needs. These products are highly advanced and often supplied by companies with years of experience in manufacturing and marketing high-tech security solutions for homes and institutions.