The Essential Guide to Tortoise Shell Glasses

The Essential Guide to Tortoise Shell Glasses

The style of tortoise shell spectacles is timeless and won’t go out of style anytime soon. They are a classic alternative, and tortoise shell frames are still in style.

With that in mind, let’s examine what a tortoise frame is, how to identify the best selections, and the wide range of choices Felix Gray has to offer.

Tortoise shell glasses – what are they?

Tortoise shell glasses, as their name suggests, are eyewear that mimics the appearance and pattern of a tortoise shell. In actuality, these eyeglasses were created with genuine tortoise shells until 1973. Fortunately, the conduct has now been prohibited.

These days, high-quality stained acetates are used to create these spectacles, giving them all the practicality and flair without hurting endangered tortoise species. Although tortoise eyeglass frames come in a variety of colors, the classic style features specks of yellow, honey, and brown shell all over the frame.

Throughout a significant portion of the 20th century, these glasses had tremendous popularity, leading to the creation of several shapes and patterns. They have seen a little decline in popularity during a previous couple of decades. The tortoise frame is, however, enjoying a meteoric rise in favor because to the new craze for all things antique. It is swiftly rising to the top of today’s fashion industry.

How to Buy Tortoise Shell Eyewear

Even though there is only one type of tortoise shell eyewear, there are numerous factors to take into account when selecting a pair of glasses to enhance your look. Even though tortoise shell sunglasses look fantastic, not all of the frame designs will look well on you. As a result, it’s wise to weigh your alternatives carefully before making a decision.

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For instance, although the pattern is identical, round, square, cat-eye, large, or aviator mens tortoise shell glasses will all give you an entirely distinct look based on the shape of your face & your particular preferences.

Additionally, there is the issue of the pattern itself. At Felix Gray, there are several variants of tortoise shell designs. This includes the “sazerac” design, which resembles a tortoise shell in terms of color and pattern. As the material used to make the glasses will have a big influence on how they appear, feel, and how long you can use them before they break or wear out, you should also take into account the quality of the glasses.

Last but not least, consider the thickness of lenses you’ll need. In a bigger frame, the lenses may sag if you have a severe prescription. To make the glasses lighter but more comfortable to wear in this situation, it could be wiser to choose lower frame size.

How to put on tortoiseshell eyewear

Tortoise shell frames allow for a variety of hues, which makes them one of the most fun to match with various outfits and which may catch the light nicely. They give character without being excessively noisy.

If you like glasses with darker frames but think plain black frames are too harsh, the traditional dark tortoise shell design is a perfect choice. It comes in rich browns, golds, and blacks. This striking design may also be worn in unusual hues including pink, white, & pastel tones.

They appear sleek and professional and are suitable for business or formal situations – but also work nicely as a casual everyday staple.

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