The Importance of SEO Link Building

The Importance of SEO Link Building

Link Building plays an important role in a website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. By using link building, websites can earn high ranking links and grow their SEO rank significantly. Much like many SEO strategies, link building is also ever-evolving. Therefore, both new business owners looking to learn SEO and experienced SEO consultants looking for new tactics need to know the latest link building strategies and tactics. For those looking to learn more about link building, we’ve put together this post which outlines the importance of link building and lists out its core elements. This post is collaboratively created with the help of Perfect Link Building, which provides the best SEO Link Building Company UK.

Link Building & SEO

Link Building is the act of showcasing your link in other reputed websites. When your website procures links from high-ranking websites, it shows Google that you are a trustworthy and relevant website that needs to be ranked higher. In short, the higher the number of high-ranking links you have, the more up-votes you’ll be getting.  This makes link building more valuable from an SEO perspective. Some of the main reasons that link building adds value to your SEO strategy are

  • Higher Google Search Engine Rank – SEO is all about increasing your rank, and there is no better way to show to Google that your website is relevant than building quality links.
  • Faster Indexing of your Web Pages – Good link building strategies will help Google identify, crawl and index your web pages faster.
  • Increased Trust and Credibility – If your link is present in reputed websites across the internet, it will immensely increase your credibility and trustworthiness.
  • High Referral Traffic – By building quality links, you can gradually increase the organic traffic to your website, which ensures more value for money.
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While link building is critical to an SEO strategy, it is important to note that quality is better than quantity. It is important to link your website to sites with good ranking because linking to sites that don’t have higher ranking or sites that don’t have relevance can cause your site’s ranking to go down. Therefore, it is important to spend time and effort researching and understanding the prospective site before jumping in.

Key Elements

When you are looking to start building links, it is important to learn about a few key elements that could help you create a superior link building strategy that can increase your rankings and also the long term value of your website. They are

Contextual Links

Contextual links are links that are more likely to be clicked on. They should add value to the users and should be placed prominently in a webpage. For example, high quality links that are placed in the main body and use unique fonts and colours are more likely to be clicked upon, and hence add immense value in determining a webpage’s rank. These links are called contextual links and they are critical to your link building strategy.

Link Attributes

One important point to note is that it is possible to add several attributes to links and it is important to add these attributes to help Google understand which links to focus on. For example, links from low-ranking sites, sponsored links and links that lead to user content are not relevant to your page’s rank. Therefore, asking Google to follow them might result in low ranks. Therefore you should add relevant attributes to show Google that these links should not be considered for determining your page’s rank. Some of the important attributes are

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Ø  Nofollow – Informs Google to not consider the link from the perspective of search engine ranking.

Ø  Sponsored – Shows Google that it is a paid-for link and should not be used for determining PageRank.

Ø  UGC – Shows that the link is from user-generated content.

Follow Links

In continuation to the last point, you can add a ‘dofollow’ attribute to the link to indicate that Google needs to follow the link and consider it for page rank. It is generally added to links from high-quality sources. A good link building strategy should focus on increasing the number of ‘Follow’ links. This is because links carry significant weight and are extremely important in the search engine algorithm. Google gives additional weight to content that has high numbers of follow links.

Ensuring topic and content relevance is one of the best practices in link building. By doing so, you help Google understand which pages have relevant content and thus have a chance of ranking for that topic. The idea is to write content that is relevant to the linked page. Topic relevance will also help from a customer perspective, as they will find the content relevant, they will have a higher chance of converting.

Need for Professionals

As you can see, link building is a complicated process and it can take a lot of time and effort to get effective results. While some businesses could spare the time and effort to learn a completely new SEO process and bring it to fruition, many might not have the time and resources to do it.

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That’s where link building companies come in. With the help of link building companies, you can ensure that you are building the right links while focusing on other important aspects of your business. In fact, some of the best link building companies are capable of not just getting you great links but also boosting your business performance in the shortest period of time.

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