The Pod Seating System at Venues: How Does It Work?

The Pod Seating System at Venues: How Does It Work?

The world has had a strange year in 2020, and the live events sector has been hit harder than virtually any other. The concept of Pod Seating has grown as arenas, stadiums, leagues, and artists throughout the country strive to get fans back to live music, sporting events, and all other events where an intimate experience is desired.

Throughout this blog, we will answer some of the major questions fans may have about attending live events in 2020 and early 2021.

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Reduced capacity seating is a way to reduce the number of seats on a plane. How does it work?

Each venue has a unique pod seating arrangement, but patrons will usually be grouped into socially-distancing clusters, or “pods,” so as to maintain the recommended distance between other groups, according to government health and safety guidelines. To avoid coming into contact with other attendees at the event, you should be seated with your friends or family members at the back of the room. Pods are limited in capacity because venues limit the number of people in each pod, so all tickets for each pod can only be shared with the people with whom you reserved your space at the event.

Pod seating is available at what events?

After venues started allowing fans to attend events again, many major venues around the U.S. have implemented pod seating for live events. Fans of the NFL, MLS, and NASCAR have been allowed to attend games in cities under their local laws, and the NBA is expected to follow suit as its season begins on December 22nd.

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Is it possible to buy Pod Seating tickets online?

The process of purchasing Pod tickets is relatively simple, if not straightforward. You can choose from Pods on both primary ticket sites, such as Tickermaster, as well as secondary ticket markets, such as TickPick. If you’re looking for seats together, you can simply use the quantity filter on the ticket site, as this will show Pods that have the number of seats you’re looking for, which will, as previously mentioned, be safe and socially isolated from any other fans in the same pod. There is no way to separate the number of seats within a Pod, and you have to purchase the entire group of seats at once.

Pod Seating Tickets: Can I sell them?

Certainly! You must list all tickets in your seat pod together if you want your tickets to be listed for resale. You’ll also need to select “all or nothing” as the listing option, so if they sold, they’d all sell together. For example, if you bought a pod of four (4) tickets, you would need to list all four without splitting the quantities up. Only people who have chosen to attend the event together can share a pod, so we cannot allow partial listing of seat groups. Check out this article if you have questions about listing your pod’s tickets.