The Transformation of Garden State Plaza Into a True Town Center

The Transformation of Garden State Plaza Into a True Town Center

NJ’s Paramus, Westfield The Paramus mall is undergoing a significant overhaul by Garden State Plaza developers in order to become a lifestyle centre where residents may live, work, play, dine, and shop. Making Garden State Plaza a proper town centre is the goal.

The first phase of construction at GSP will contain 550 luxury apartment houses constructed by Mill Creek Residential and is anticipated to break ground in 2024 and be ready for habitation in 2026. The homes will include a “main street” outdoor zone with restaurants and basic necessities and services, and will be connected to the retail centre by a one-acre town green for residents, guests, and shoppers to enjoy. As a part of the development’s dedication to the neighbourhood and sustainable development, a portion of the beloved Sprout Brook will also be restored during the first phase.


In addition to additional outdoor stores, restaurants, and community event spaces, surface parking areas to the west of the shopping centre will also house plazas, parks, gardens, health and wellness services, commercial office space, and a transportation centre once all four phases of development are finished. A must-visit location, Garden State Plaza will be the ideal spot to discover the newest trends, indulge in fine cuisine, mingle, go for a stroll or a ride, take in performances and cultural events, and much more.

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