The ultimate review on Men‘s Sandals

The ultimate review on Men‘s Sandals

Sandals are the oldest footwear that is almost used in all countries of the world. Men’s Sandals are footwear that they wear when they want to relax and be comfortable while going outside or even in any casual meeting.  There are lots of varieties of Men shoes made in Pakistan. The pattern and styles of men’s sandals are based on seasons. The summer collection has its pattern while winter sandals have their own. Men use sandals on almost every occasion including weddings, casual wear, formal wear, outing and so more. Like women’s sandals collection, men’s sandals also have numerous styles and coloring. Servis manufactures trendy men’s sandals with elegant colors scheme. Thus, men can choose their sandals in one place anytime with reasonable prices. So, it can be said that Servis is the top shoe brand in Pakistan for men, women, and kids also.

Servis Collection of Men’s Sandals:

Here review of some collection of men’s sandals made by Servis:

Flip-Flop Sandals:

Flip-flop sandals have also many other names such as thongs, slippers, and slops. These sandals are made of rubber and leather. Men wear these sandals at home, going to the market, and also on walking time. Servis provides various varieties of these sandals with bright colors. Soft and non-slippery sandals increase the demand for this item in the Servis Stores.  These are lightweight sandals, therefore, prefer to wear them at home or for casual use. 

Leather Sandals:

These sandals are very common in men’s footwear. Those men who work in dry places such as cement factories or manufacturing industries like to wear leather sandals because these sandals for men are too much comfy and flexible. They keep feet dry and least moisture relative to rubber or wooden sandals. Servis has a wide range of stylish leather sandals. It uses full-grain leather to manufacture these sandals. Therefore, the finish of these sandals looks very elegant with matte and shiny colors. The skin of goats, cows and camels is used as a raw material for the manufacturing of these sandals. Thus, the prices of these sandals are a little high but the quality never suffers.

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 Patent Sandals:

This type of sandal is also known as a dress sandal. These sandals are worn with formal dressings such as cotton pants and polo t-shirts or summer formal shirts. Men wear these sandals in formal, business meetings or offices. Closed- toe style with broad strap. For the production of these sandals, leather, silk, and nylon are utilized. Modern and computerized tools are being used for the designing and patterns of sandals. The prices of these sandals are decided based on their raw material and manufacturing cost by using digitalized machines. The color patterns are also made very carefully because these are formal sandals and business-class people mostly like to buy them. So, it can be said Servis deals with all types of customers.

Chaco Sandals:

This is the latest style of sandals made by well-known brands in which Servis is also included. Those men, who like to adventure mountains, hike and walk in watery places prefer to buy Chaco- style sandals.  The main features of these sandals are that have adjustable straps and are comfortable and provide full support during walking in hiking places. The straps can easily be adjustable according to ankle size. Polyurethane compounds are used to make these slippers. Men can use it in their daily routines. Both types of toes i.e. closed and open in these sandals are accessible at Servis Stores.

Clog-Shaped Sandals:

This type of sandal is also known as the Huarache sandal. These sandals were first introduced in Mexican city. The pattern of this sandal looks like handmade or wooden straps. These are casual sandals and are also used at family functions.  Due to its classy style, this sandal becomes famous in the market. Therefore, Servis tries to serve the best to its customer as commonly in all other items. Normally, these sandals are not comfortable but the material used by Servis made them comfortable and men like to wear at events or special occasions like traditional functions.

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Fisherman Sandals:

This is also the one kind of formal sandal for men. It has a buckle around the ankle and is closed toe shaped. Whenever men want to feel relaxed and pleasant while going to meet their family, and friends for long holidays and formal meet-ups with their business partners, they wear this type of sandal. Owing comfortable sole, they are highly sale in the Servis Stores.  Many varieties of colors and patterns of straps are made by Servis. This sandal has an economical range which is the reason every man can easily buy and feel enjoyable after wearing it.  It is made of leather and other synthetic material.

Factors must acknowledge for men’s sandals by Servis:

During manufacturing men’s sandals, Servis considers the following factors to ensure the quality and market value of its products.


The first thing that must be considered is material of the inner sole of all types of sandals. Customers buy only those sandals that are comfortable and soft. They feel relaxed and cool after wearing them. Hence, the production team examines and tests the sole before delivery to customers.


The other thing that must evaluate for the gratification of customers is the durability of sandals. How long it remains perfect and firm after daily use? Thus, a good quality material is used for the production of men’s sandals to sustain the demand of customers.