Tips for Buying Window blinds and shades

Tips for Buying Window blinds and shades

The modern day rise in income levels has allowed folks to splurge in home decor; the interiors of your home do not merely speak about your status – rather it’s a tell on the quality of life you lead. Yes, you’ve got that right! The overall look of your home is a reflection of your lifestyle – a well decorated and well-lit home bespeaks positive vibes within its confines, which in turn reflects a positive energy on those living in them.

Apart from a structurally sound home, one must ensure that one overlooks nothing in terms of protection for the family. One surefire way to afford your family peaceful environs and protection in some measure is to acquire attractive, cost-effective window treatments. We at storesselects bring you quality window blinds and shades from renowned brands to help you in this endeavor, assuring you of comfort, convenience, beauty and safety. Unleash a world of never-before opportunities that you can explore in terms of window decor – we take this opportunity to guide to making the right decisions for your windows:

Prioritize needs of self and family

For us at Zebrablinds, “You” are the most important person in this world. We value your safety, and hence, your happiness! So consider the choices of your family members, your personal choices, and the requirements of your home while making a choice for the window blinds and shades. We understand that you might just be in love with the color blue, or you might feel that the color grey is not boring, and surely, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to add some shimmer to the décor of your home with the color gold! …the list goes on.

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Feel free to decorate your home as per your taste in color, style, and design, while giving due consideration to the needs and choices of your family members. You can choose between light filtering and blackout options. Alternatively, choose sheers if room darkening is not a consideration, be it shades or drapes. If your kids want to enjoy their playtime indoors you would definitely want to protect them from the scorching heat of the sun. So it would make for good sense to opt for blackout shades in children’s rooms or play rooms; in bedrooms, by and large, as blackout shades or drapes are a necessity for a peaceful sleep/nap during the day. In addition, do not let your weekend plans of watching a good movie with your loved ones be marred by the sun’s glare or the glare from street lamps – the study or media room could also be outfitted with blackout shades, blinds or drapes to block out almost 100% of the light, and provide optimum privacy. If fabulous looking windows is your priority, opt for the designer choices that are available at Zebrablinds.

Compare in order to avail the best deal

Gone are the days when you would think that good looking window dressings would turn your budget topsy-turvy. Today, (what with seasonal discounts and each brand trying to out do the other), it is possible to buy drapes, blinds or shades well within your budget. However, you need to compare the benefits of each window covering, check the price in accordance with the quality, and the customization options before you make your decision. We at Zebrablinds, provide you with the opportunity to compare different kinds of blinds and choose the one that suits your budget while serving the needs or your home. You can choose from a variety of blinds alike the aluminum blinds, vertical blinds, real wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and many others. As far as shutters and shades are concerned you can opt for horizontal shades, cellular shades, privacy shutters, etc.
So remember, weigh the pros and cons and then choose the window covering that serves your needs best, vis-a-vis the value added services of complimentary shipping, free samples, limited lifetime warranty etc. that can help save you money as well.

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Look for convenience

We understand that while you want the best for your home, you certainly don’t want to spend days looking for the perfect choice. So opt for faster shopping methods like evaluating the QuickPick categories where placing an order for custom blinds and shades is just a matter of a few clicks!

Another priority for us is to make you feel like Royalty – yes, you are the master or mistress of the domain that you control! So customize, customize, and customize. Whether it is the dimensions of the window coverings, the color, the choice of a Valance, or the addition of an extra fringe on the draperies, you can avail endless opportunities to get that ‘perfect’ look for your windows. Learn about, click here: iMac pro i7 4k and Olivia lubis Jensen

Have your trademark embellish your windows and uplift your interior decor, leaving an indelible impression on all who visit your home! Shop with ease and give importance to your personal choice while you shop for some of the most impressive window coverings at Zebrablinds Canada. Bond with your loved ones by listening to their inputs and incorporating custom looks to your windows to make the ultimate window fashion statement!

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