Tools To View and Open Almost Any Files

Tools To View and Open Almost Any Files

To quote, “If you have access to the file, you just need brains to open/view it.

Various softwares supports most of the file types, and in case we are not willing to install software to view the file, we have some online platforms for the same.

Tools for Files

Here, we look at some tools that can help us view files of almost any type without any hassle, free of cost, and with just a few clicks. Before that, check out this list of BIN file opener softwares we have at and then, we can browse through this list of tools and softwares used. First, we will look at some of the softwares which supports most of the file types and can be installed easily.

1. Free Opener

This software is user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface. It supports 80+ file types that are commonly used and are necessary. However, it supports fewer file types than those of other file openers.

2. File Viewer Lite

This software supports more than 120 file types but fails to support the editing and the saving of the files. The third-party software installation permission is to be declined while installing the software.

3. Open Freely

This software supports 100+ file types. It helps in viewing various files that other softwares fail to do. With this software’s help, we can convert a file into any other format, say JPEG to PNG. It also provides the option of image editing for some file types. It acts as a file/document editor and file extractor.

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4. Universal Viewer

This software helps us to open most of the files used in our daily lives. The software comes with a portable version. A-Pro version of this software is available at a very reasonable price.


Yes! With the help of these seven essential tools, we can easily open and view almost any file. There’s no more calling for screenshots or deets of the data. In the case of other interfaces, the guide for Gedcom viewers would be here. There’s no more fear of being shot by your boss or having trouble viewing the file sent by your employee. There’s no chance to run away from assignments or work assigned. There’s no need to leave work on hold because of the error in opening the file.

Most of all, it is time for all of us to get a little more tech-savvy and get rid of our panic attacks. A little effort is all that it will take from our side to make it happen.