Topic: Upcoming Trends for Kitchen Countertops in 2021 You Should Consider

Topic: Upcoming Trends for Kitchen Countertops in 2021 You Should Consider

As the people are accepting the “new normal” of 2020 by “staying at home,” home updates, especially the kitchen area, have reached the top of the to-do lists of many homeowners. Since the kitchen is the most used area within any home, it has to feel more comfortable and stylish when you have to spend more time in your abode.

If you’re also considering kitchen renovation soon, you need to know the latest kitchen countertop trends that are likely to rule in 2021. From elegant colour schemes to metallic finishes, there are amazing style charts that are likely to shake up interiors next year. Here are the upcoming kitchen worktop trends to follow in 2021:

1. White Granite

The sophisticated and luxurious white granite worktops are quite popular among homeowners ever since their existence in the world. Even today, many homeowners love to install this classic worktop material in their kitchen as a countertop. You’ll be glad to know that the elegant white granite countertop will be trending in 2021 as well. So, if you are considering installing granite into your interior, it is the best time to make this timeless material a part of your cooking space.

2. Add Bright Colour to Your Kitchen Worktop

As per the latest research, adding a pop of colour to your kitchen will also be quite popular in the coming year. Even granite and quartz worktops are available in various bold shades. You can either choose them for your kitchen worktop or pick coloured furniture or kitchen appliance to stand next to your neutral coloured worktop.

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The bold hues, such as yellow, red, blue, orange and yellow, are authentic yet timeless to be selected as kitchen appliances. You can choose any of these bold coloured kitchen appliances for your kitchen while making your home interior up-to-date.

3. Open and Flexible Kitchen Island

The popular flexible and spacious open-plan kitchen trend is bringing various fun innovations for next year’s trendy kitchen countertops. For instance, you may consider adding a kitchen island to your home, along with a cosy dining area. This will make your cooking area more socialising. Also, integrate this cooking area with various built-in ovens and storage walls for making it highly functional.

4. Metallic Finishes

In 2021, you’ll see more shiny and reflective metallic finishes in furniture, fabrics and wallpapers. These finishes are likely to enrich any interior style with its new vibrant effects. This way a kitchen will appear more luxe and spacious. You can even choose countertops with metallic touch or metallic splashbacks.

5. Complete Black Countertop

Just like the elegant white and colourful kitchen worktops, the complete blackgranite worktops are going to be a huge trend the coming year. The total black countertop appears to be a stylish yet strong choice for modern kitchen designs. All you need to do is keep your design simple with either matte or glossy surface finishes. You’ll be surprised to see the powerful impact of a simple yet elegant black kitchen countertop.

6. Quartz Solid Surface Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

Quartz solid surface countertops are designed to look like high-end granite, marble and stone surfaces. But these quartz worktops are available at a reasonable cost. Since this worktop is non-porous, you need not worry about staining the surface and having to seal it again.

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The standout kitchen worktop trends for 2021 will even consist of marble-effect quartz worktops in cool tones like white, beige and grey. Even deeper shades of grey countertops are likely to be popular in the coming year.

7. Two-Toned Countertops

Want to play with different shades and finishes? The best option to do so is to go for the two-toned kitchen worktop design. You can choose the classic combination of black and white or mix-matching any neutral shade with complementing or contrasting hue.

Another option is to pick one finish for low cabinets, whereas a different finish for ceiling and flooring. For instance, you can pair a tactile finish like cement or raw wood with matte coloured worktop surface. You may even match two different hues, such as warm white with cool-toned grey or black with a warm neutral tone.

Standout kitchen design trends for 2021 include marble-like quartz counters in white, grey and other light, cool-toned hues. You can also expect to see materials resembling natural stone in medium and deeper shades of grey.

8. Acrylic Solid Surface Worktops

You may even pick non-porous acrylic solid surface worktops for adding minimalist yet noteworthy style to your kitchen interior in 2021. These worktops have the same benefits of quartz worktops, except these surfaces have a solid resin (or acrylic) material.

The opaque acrylic kitchen worktops in solid and simple colours are becoming more popular. Here we’re talking about colours like striking navy blue, creamy taupe, solid black, shiny white and pale grey. The best thing about the minimal kitchen design trend is that it’s highly versatile and gives you amazing opportunities to add unique character to your kitchen.

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Want to stay updated with the latest kitchen countertop trends? If so, you can choose from any of the mentioned worktop trends that are likely to rule the kitchen interior design in 2021.