Turning that Property Renovation Dream into a Reality

Turning that Property Renovation Dream into a Reality

Turning that property renovation dream into a reality is not for the faint hearted and whether you are working on a quick flip or long-term project I would always suggest ensuring that you have a realistic budget ensuring overspending doesn’t occur.

I get it, I have been in your shoes, which is why I have designed a purposeful and easy to use budget planner spreadsheet  to help you along with your renovation and refurbishment projects.

Tackling the many parts of the project from paying contractors to keeping track of quotes is daunting but using my planner will help to track all spend and alleviate any added pressure that comes with project managing your dream renovation.

So, how does it work?

I have made it as easy as possible for you to use, the tool has been designed specifically with you in mind. It will help you track your project finances with additional bonus extras included such as:

  • having the capacity to connect to your property mood boards; whether it is something you saw on social media through Pinterest or in a post that caught your eye on Instagram;
  • I have given you the ability to pin directly from external websites;
  • saving ideas to an inspiration list,
  • saving quotes received from suppliers and prices from received from stores.

The objective of Downloadable Renovation Budget is all of your information is in one place and tracks your project through the entirety of its journey flagging up any overspend.

What does it include?

It is important to me that the tool I have created offers you the help and benefits that will compensate for any challenges you may face. The Budget planner spreadsheet has been designed to:

  • Work with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel using clear formulas to show how much your costings will total overall as well as being able to filter down further by room.
  • Alert you if you have over or under spent.
  • Track and categorise every single outgoing though the hectic renovation.
  • Track payments of contractors.
  • Document your quotes, contractor and product details in one place.
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Alongside the downloadable excel file document I have clear instructions  to walk you through how to use the spreadsheet for your ease.

I have many years working with investors and sourcing properties for clients in the Greater Manchester area and I pride myself on delivering a personal service as well as developing strong and long-term relationships that can stretch over various property projects.

The mission of Alaine Bradbury Investments LTD is to share my valuable knowledge, information and wealth of experience with others in a fresh and friendly approach and by developing downloadable tools for others to use so I can pass on my skills and past experiences with others to allow their projects to run more smoothly.

To learn more about Alaine Bradbury and property renovation, investment and sourcing then you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn or visit www.alainebradbury.co.uk/shop