Understanding Arousal

Understanding Arousal

Sex is not as simple as you might think. Most people think the time leading up to sex, the winning, and the dining, is just the only complicated bits, however, the reality is slightly more nuanced.

Your body needs to undergo certain changes in order to prepare for sex. Having intercourse, on a very basic, scientific level is not only about stimulating the brain but the physical body as well.

When you want to have sex, you are just fulfilling one of the terms of initiating sex, which is desire. However, to partake in the end, you also need to be aroused.

If there are any problems therein, you might then have problems with performance and other forms of sexual dysfunction, that then require treatment from the Best Sexologist in Karachi.

Therefore, it is important to understand what arousal entails, to better understand not just the process, but the problems associated with it.

Subjective arousal

Subjective arousal pertains to the emotional side of sex. It has more to do with your feelings about having sex and may even refer to as being turned on in the vernacular,  experienced often after reading or watching something spicy.

This type of arousal then leads to excitement to have sex. It also makes sex full of passion when your mind is so into wanting to have sex. Subjective arousal also plays an important role in the pleasure you derive from sex.

Naturally, if your mind is not into it, you will not be able to enjoy sex. Many people, at times, to appease their partner, do end up having sex, but it does not mean that they enjoyed it, due to lack of subjective arousal.

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Subjective arousal may also not be accompanied by physical arousal; you may be mentally aroused, but your physical reaction is lacking. The converse is also true; you may have genital arousal, due to physical stimulation, but it does not mean that your mind is ready to or wants to, have sex.

A prime example of this is morning erections in men. Often, men wake up with erection, which has to do with the testosterone levels in the body in the morning, but that does not mean their mind is aroused and they want to have sex.

Physical arousal

As the name suggests, physical arousal pertains to the physiological changes that occur in the body when it becomes aroused, and in our context, sexually aroused. This is a direct state that your body enters and is not a learned response, at least not some aspects. When your physical body is stimulated, it operates on autopilot, and changes start occurring to facilitate probable intercourse.

In this state, adrenaline is released by the body, which then helps the muscles become active. It also makes the heartbeat faster, and the rate of respiration also increases.

Moreover, when you are physically aroused, your body starts to prepare for the physical exertion ahead, not only in terms of performance capabilities but also endurance as well.

Physiological changes occur in the nether regions as well, which is why it is also known as genital arousal. In men, it involves the increased blood flow to the penis and the subsequent erection.

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In women, it leads to increased vaginal lubrication and vaginal engorgement. Arousal may be due to physical stimulation or even desire. Conversely, arousal may also lead to a desire to have sex.

It may also be the case, that you may have the desire and physical stimulation, both, however, you still may not get aroused. Women can fake it; however, sex may become a harrowing experience for them due to the pain and discomfort. Men cannot perform sexually due to lack of erection, leading to erectile dysfunction. The good news is, there are many ways to tackle to problem of ED. You should therefore not hesitate to contact an expert via oladoc.com