Types of Image Compression? Best Ways to Compress Images

Types of Image Compression? Best Ways to Compress Images

 If a web page has a desire to get a high grade on search engines, then the plain text is not enough for it. At present, it is very much noticeable that images are also important for a web page, and the public prefers to look at images. We all know that the images are equally being ranked on search engines now. So, we need to use appealing and beautiful images on a web page to bestow it a perfect and engaging look for users.

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To optimize a web page or an entire site, people usually have an idea about image compression. Image compression is basically a way by which you can smoothly reduce the size of an image without even disturbing its original quality. There are several ways that have the ability to compress images online. 

There are many people that might ask themselves questions like what is image compression. Or what are the basic type of image compression, and what are the ways to deal with them? In this under-written writing, you will learn about the different ways through which you can compress images along with the elaboration of the different methods of compression of images.

Types of Image Compression

In this piece of writing, we have presented the two most important types of image compression. Both types have a minor difference between them. Names of images compression types are:

  • Lossy Image Compression
  • Lossless Image Compression

 Let’s have a look at each of them:

Lossy Compression

In lossy compression, the size of the image is reduced by removing a few image types. This photo compressor technique also eliminates the tags, which are not so essential. If you go for lossy compression, you can get a smaller image version with a minimal photo quality difference. In addition to it, you can also experience faster loading images with the ease of this lossy compression technique. 

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Lossy compression works with the parameters of image quality for measuring the quality change of the image. You need to set the image quality parameter in various cases. The image appears in low quality to the human eye when this parameter is lower than 90.

Lossless Compression

Lossless compression is known as a process to resize pictures into smaller versions. This technique of online image compression does not fiddle with the quality of the image that you are going to compress. Lossless compression is an excellent method that can be used to resize images speedily. But the outcome of it is that it will not be too small. And the reason for this is that this image compression type does not eliminate the parts of images. 

This way of compressing photos is very useful when it comes to text image compressing. And the reason is that a small change in the original file can change the text & data meaning.

Best Ways to Compress Images

We have mentioned several online image compressors that every user can use to compress their images swiftly. The usage of these tools could be the best choice for users to help them in making their web pages optimized. 

Duplichecker | A Free Tool for Image Compression

DupliChecker is an online image compressor. The tool allows its users to compress image sizes as per their needs. The photo compressor is based on advanced algorithms that can reduce the image size without even disturbing the layout. Moreover, the tool works fast, and the image size-reducing process takes just a few seconds. As a result, the users will get the super-quality compressed image without any hassle. This online image compressor does not charge any payment from its users. So, all the users who are in need of image compression can smoothly get this facility by this tool totally free. In addition, the tool has a very user-friendly interface. It does not carry any complexities to process an image; that is why the users do not need to learn any details before using this photo compressor. 

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ImageOptim | An Online Image Compression Tool 

ImageOptim is considered a lossless image compressor. The tool does not affect the quality of the images while resizing the image process. The image optic tool is pretty smooth & efficient when it comes to compressing large photos. The process of using it is very simple & easy. All users need to drag & drop the image they want to compress. When it comes to its benefits, SVG optimization through the SVGO is one of the best perks of image optics. The thing that makes this tool different as compared to others is that it supports multiple image formats. When it comes to its pricing, then users will become happy to know that it is completely free to use & available openly.

OptiPNG | A Free Image Compressing Tool

OptiPNG is known as an image optimizer. It has the ability to reduce the image file size to the required SEO levels. This online image compressor is equipped with PNG image format optimizers. Without having the loss of image quality, this image compressor magically resizes the image. This image compressing tool converts the picture to external image formats such as GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc. OptiPNG also acts like a PNG integrity checker. The optiPNG is efficient as a single-purpose photo compressor. It also examines various parameters to provide the smallest and the clear size of images. 

 Final Words

Hopefully, now all of you can easily get the idea about the image compression term. What is it actually, how it is useful, and how it can provide you with a helping hand in improving the ranking of a web page? 

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Every person can clearly observe, the internet has influenced us in multiple ways, and life has become faster with the internet. Now we have a variety of online image compressors to optimize the image that we want to upload on the web pages as per the SEO standards. The usage of these image compressors is super beneficial in reducing the size of images. As a result, the images will not create hurdles in loading up a web page, and the users will not bounce back.