What is an MOT bay?

What is an MOT bay?

MOT Bays consist of a variety of apparatus approved by the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and is situated normally within a workshop or service department setting. The MOT Bay allows a capable Ministry of Transport (MOT) tester to carry out the MOT test on a car. This guarantees the vehicles on UK roads meet the lawful standards set by the DVSA to drive on UK roads. If the vehicle doesn’t meet these values, then the MOT tester will fail the vehicle generous the motorist the facility to rectify the problem and bring the vehicle back to MOT standards and allowing the MOT tester to issue a pass credential.

The equipment on the MOT Bay allows the MOT tester to test each part of the vehicle.

For instance, the MOT bay is armed with a headlamp beam tester. The headlamp beam test safeguards that the headlights of the car are in precise alignment whilst the vehicle is in motion. This part of the MOT test is to make sure that when the car is been driven that its headlights don’t dazzle approaching vehicles which could damage the vision of another motorist.

Other parts of the MOT test comprise testing the brakes using a roller brake tester (RBT). This piece of gear tests the vehicle brakes whilst in motion. The tester will residence the vehicle in the rollers and the RBT will spin at around 7mph giving the MOT tester the chance to test the brakes by using the gear within the workshop setting.

Another piece of gear used to carry out an MOT test is the emissions analyzer or gas analyzer. This test determines the level of air contaminants emitted from the exhaust of a motor vehicle. The goal of an emission test is to help decrease the number of pollutants that are harmful to the environment.

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The car lift or ramp as it’s sometimes called allows the MOT tester to raise the vehicle from the floor to allow them to see under the vehicle to check joints, bushes, the exhaust system, etc.

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MOT bay layout and structure

It is important that you make sure you are suitable and testing bay sizes are accurate for the cars classes you’ll be testing.

The MOT Equipment layout must need these requirements;

A Test Bay

The Test Bay will require to have a car arrival and exit of at least 3.2m high by 3.0m wide.

Have a wide length of at least 4.2m

 A Headroom 3.2metres

A headroom of at least 4.8metres unhurried from the platform surfaces when fully lowered

The headroom must extend 500mm added to the outer edges of the lift platform

A headroom over a lift possesses at least 5.3metres for single-deck vehicles

It is SIGNIFICANT that adequate passageway clearance is provided around the testing facilities in all test bays.