What to give to a true Muslim?

What to give to a true Muslim?

Like a Muslim, they can be given pious gifts, such as a prayer mats, a Koran stand, and beautiful prayer beads. But it is better to choose a special Islamic gift. Such a gift for men may be prayer hat and other tasbeeh.

It is believed that Muslim women are not indifferent to frames – beads. – Just like men – to arms. If your Muslim friend is amid the fans of jewelry, then for a gift you can pick an original pendant with Islamic signs or a bracelet with an Arabic design. Give a girl with bright and voluminous jewelry or ring with a large stone, a lover of elegant jewelry lines – a thin chain with a miniature crescent. The choice is not limited. For locus: women, unlike men, can give gold. All that is accessible to a Muslim woman is her stuff and cannot be “taken” from her by her husband, except when she willingly gives her property to him.

If a true Muslim woman goes to the resort in the seasonal, the Burkini special closed bathing outfits will be a useful gift for her. Free swimwear, to the knees, such swimwear is made from stretch with lycra, they quickly dry after bathing. Online stores offer a variety of models of such swimwear, such as Abayas Scarf, Hijab.

If you need a simpler gift.

Dates are perfect gift. -do not miss Honey, Oil. As an option – good dates of the same type.

Clothes with the inscription “As-salamu alaikum!” Today there are a plenty number of firms ready to portray on a standard garments for a fee all that you wish. You can order the inscription “As-salamu alaikum!” For your Muslim friend – “Peace to you!” – Traditional Muslim greeting. 

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And finally, that a Muslim should not be given. 

ring with Muslim signs

No necessity to give accessories and carpets with images of people or birds.  Muslim men not wear gold, so if you want to offer a ring with Muslim signs (a arced or sura from the Koran in Arabic), take silver or from any further metal.

Alcohol – Muslims are prohibited not only to consume, but also to harvest, sell and give alcohol, so your gift may upset a follower of Islam.

Products with sensual content – such products, as a law, are a demonstration of warm parts of the body that are forbidden to watch in Islam, or propaganda of pledging adultery, which is a serious sin in Islam, so your gift can also upset a Muslim. We offer best product such as, prayer hat, prayer beads, black seed oil, thobe, tasbeeh, 4 qul, Islamic frames, Islamic ornaments, ard Al zaafaran, and dates.