Why Is GRP Important For TV Ads?

Why Is GRP Important For TV Ads?

You might have heard of many people in advertisement and marketing talking about GRPs. The word basically stands for “Gross Rating Point” and is one of the most important factors that help in determining the aspects that enable TV networks to place a particular commercial between TV programs.

TV Ads are specifically made to earn a profit and attract customers toward a particular product or service. Therefore, most advertisers make use of GRP to find out when and where to place TV ads so as to make sure that customers view them and get attracted to the products and services.

How Can GRP Impact Any Given TV Ad?

GRP basically helps advertisers to evaluate the probable number of viewers of the ad with the help of a mathematical equation. Apart from that, it is also used to plan the number of people that will see the ad after it gets published.

What Determines GRP?

The GRP is a common term that you will often hear when you are trying to buy a space for TV Ads. On the basis of GRP calculation, the ad space is determined. If a lot of people watch a particular show, the ad space that comes between each break is more expensive rather than the ones that come in between unpopular shows. This factor is calculated with the help of GRP.

How Is GRP Calculated?

To find out the GRP of a particular program, an advertiser needs to find out the total percentage of the market based on the reachability of a particular promotion. For example, a marketer who wants to run TV Ads makes use of the total exposure value of the market and multiplies it with weekly exposure data. This helps in determining the GRP value of a particular program.

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What Exactly Is GRP?

Rating points for a given advertisement schedule are calculated on a weekly basis. The points represent the total number of households in a given place to view a given television program. One rating point stands for one percent of all the viewers of any given television program or program. So, for example, if an ad reaches ten percent of the market with weekly exposure of five, then the value of GRP is found to be fifty. 

What Is The Importance Of Calculating GRP?

To evaluate the impact of a particular advertisement, TV advertisers and marketers use the value of GRP. Therefore, as the gross rating point increases, the more is the possibility of television viewers watching a particular TV advertisement if it is placed in between the breaks of that program.  

With the help of this GRP value, marketers secure ad space and time between popular shows on TV. These advertisements are desired by top companies who want to promote their brand on television and want people to get inspired to buy their products and services.

Prices Of Ads Are Determined Using GRP

Most television networks make use of this value to determine the asking price for various businesses to promote their brands on the TV channel and in between the popular programs. For programs that are unpopular, the rate of GRP is less, and hence the price of the ad space between these programs is comparatively less.

In fact, a short advertisement of only a few seconds can cost millions of dollars based on how popular a program is, which is one the basis of GRP value.

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GRP Helps In Determining The Value Of A Particular Promotion

If you want a promotional video or an advertisement to run between the breaks of a popular program, the price will be on the higher side. This is because your advertisement is bound to get more views, and you will be able to attract many potential customers for your products and services of your business. You can calculate the success of your promotion by determining the GRP rate of a particular program.

You Can Get An Idea Of The Number Of Viewers

If your advertisements have a high GRP rating, that means a large number of your potential customers are watching your TV Ads. But that does not mean that your advertising campaign is successful. If the viewers do not get attracted to your products and services through your ads, they will not make a purchase. 

Therefore, GRP only gives you an idea of the number of viewers and not the success of your brand in the minds of the people. To do that, you need to be creative with your ads and create engaging content for your potential customers.

Conclusion – How To Use GRP For Your Business?

The best way to determine the growth of your business is to find out whether a high GRP is helping the company bring more sales. Hence, you need to compare the GRP with the number of sales, and thereby you can determine how much successful the campaign actually is for your business.

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