Will Harry Kane and Virgil van Dijk be charged if they wear the contentious OneLove band in favor of same-sex relationships?

Will Harry Kane and Virgil van Dijk be charged if they wear the contentious OneLove band in favor of same-sex relationships?

Fifa has prohibited England and the Netherlands from wearing the ‘OneLove’ armband at the World Cup.

What exactly is the One Love armband?

They are part of a campaign to “encourage inclusivity and deliver a message against all forms of prejudice.” It was initiated by the Netherlands and backed by England, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Wales, whose captains are expected to wear the armband at the World Cup in Qatar.

It is not directly related to anti-LGBTW policies, but rather to promote inclusion in Qatar, a country that prohibits same-sex partnerships.

The One Love armband was expected to make its debut on Monday when England played their opening game against Iran. 

Harry Kane has stated that he will wear it. 

Virgil van Dijk, the captain of the Netherlands, has done the same.

What did FIFA say to the Football Association?

Following a meeting on Sunday, they informed FA that Harry Kane is not permitted to wear the One Love armband.

Will Harry Kane be arrested if he wears it tomorrow?

There is genuine worry that England captain Kane will be booked right away.

According to the Telegraph, “Fifa has said in private that any change to the equipment worn by the players on the pitch must be approved.”

FIFA unveiled alternate armbands as a show of unity on Saturday. The FIFA armbands have various phrases for each round, and the design is said to incorporate the heart of the “OneLove” armband but not the rainbow version, which often represents the LGBT population.

What has Netherlands captain Virgil van Dijk stated, whose team will also play on Monday?

“I’ll be wearing the one love armband tomorrow.” Nothing has changed in our opinion. If I receive a yellow card for wearing that, we’ll have to talk about it since I don’t enjoy playing while on a yellow [card].”

Have human-rights advocates backed the OneLove armband?

Not exactly. The Loveland has yet to get widespread adoration.

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell called the OneLove motto “too imprecise” and the FA’s accompanying statement “a disgrace.”

“The public statement issued by England Football does not address Qatar’s particular discrimination against women and LGBT+ persons.” Standard.co.uk quoted Tatchell.

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“It just acknowledges LGBT+ supporters in passing and utterly overlooks women’s rights constraints.” 

The remark implies that Qatar has achieved major changes in migrant labor conditions. 

It fails to address unpaid salaries, overcrowded slum hostels, workers who are still unable to change employment, and the recent detention and deportation of those who protested. 

This is a disgrace and a whitewash.”

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