5 Gifts to Send for Mom from Long Distance

5 Gifts to Send for Mom from Long Distance

Living a long distance from your mother is probably the hardest thing you have to do. Missing out on homemade food, not getting to share things with her face to face and not getting to hug her after coming back from work can be taxing. And with mothers day right around the corner, there’s nothing that could hurt more. Just the thought of her not being by your side is daunting. Although we have some ideas that will help you make it up to her and yourself by sending some online gifts. From flower delivery in Gurgaon to online cake and shopping, everything that your mom would love is right here. Don’t let your mom know about your agenda and that is when she will be truly surprised. 

  • A bouquet

Starting from a bouquet which is very essential for you to be able to surprise your mom. It can be a bunch of red roses or white lilies, carnations or any other flowers. Make it a big bunch with at least two dozens or you can go supremely extravagant with a 100 or 1000 flowers bouquet. 

  • A cake

Sending a cake along is a must after all it is what starts the celebration. Make it a poster or photo cake that can be customised with your and your mom’s photo on it. It can be chocolate, red velvet or strawberry cake. If your mom loves a specific flavour there’s no debate as to what cake you should buy for her. And make it a midnight delivery for the maximum effect. 

  • Attire for the day
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What is she going to wear for mothers day well who knows it better than her child? Send her an amazing saree, suit or jeans as she likes. Send it at least a day before so that she can get done the alterations and washing if required. Or you could send her a gift voucher and she can buy for herself the perfect gift. 

  • A handmade present

A handmade gift is a reasonable choice to give to your mom to show her how you truly love her beyond any hurdles. It could be a photo frame or wallpaper, an explosion box or a tiara. Whatever you are good at makes it a good choice to be sent. Make sure the packaging is such that the gift does not break while shipping it from your place to hers.  

  • A greeting card 

Whatever you gift her, a greeting card must go along. You must have a flood of words and emotions inside you let those out and write them on the card. You can make it either with your hands or buy it online. Either way, you will have to write on it yourself. You can also paste in a chocolate or a popping heart. Pasting photos in it is also a good idea. 

Nothing is these gifts is objectionable and so we recommend that you send all five for a mothers day like never before