Is React Native a Worthy Choice for Startups?

Is React Native a Worthy Choice for Startups?

Our day-to-day life is surrounded by mobile applications enabling us to do numerous tasks on the go, be it a doctor’s appointment, creating a diet plan, booking a cab, online window shopping, ordering food, online payments, and whatnot. Organizations are leveraging the rising demand for mobile apps more than ever. In this scenario, technology selection is a compelling consideration for developing a successful mobile product.

When it comes to startups, the most important factor is not to lose momentum. Picking up the right technology for your startup is one of those decisions that can make or break your way to success. React Native turns out to be the best technology for startups to skyrocket their business. From Pinterest, Wix to Myntra, many successful companies and startups have adopted React Native and leveraged its power to reach out to a large consumer base.

It’s an open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework developed by Facebook in 2015. When it comes to choosing React Native, Entrepreneurs have a sweet side to it. Experts at TechAhead, a leading mobile app development company, share their views on why React Native can prove to be a winning choice for startups.

What made React Native a winning choice for many successful startups?

Cost and Fast Development: Reactive Native offers fast performance. Being a cross-platform development framework, it uses a single line of code which reduces the chances of bugs. With its pre-built components, the speed of app development is accelerated. As you can write code that can run on both platforms, development cost also gets reduced.

Amazing Performance and Native UX feeling: Its native-like appearance saves both cost and time to build a separate code base for Android and iOS. It delivers you the MVP version of your app much faster. You can improve the performance by optimizing your app with your own native code and create your own additional functionalities. React Native apps use fully optimized layout engines and run with absolute uniformity regardless of where they are installed. They are relatively lightweight and super supportive of resolution graphics.

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Stability and Large Community Support: React Native is based on Javascript, which is a wildly popular language. It has a mass developer community that is why it keeps expanding. Most of the errors and bugs are resolved quickly, and it is also followed by extensive documentation. Developers too, love its simplified component life-cycle and declarative UI.

Simple and Easy Maintenance: It is vital to regularly update your apps to meet users’ expectations, which enhances user retention and engagement levels. App updates, bug fixes, and design changes cost you a bunch, but with React Native’s agile approach, maintaining your app development is simple, clear, and pocket-worthy too. Various free tools are also available with the framework, which makes debugging easier, and bugs can be removed from all platforms at once.

Rapid Application Development and Easy Integration: React Native enables you to build up your app faster than the native approach. It reduces your time to market and helps you to launch your MVP quickly to understand the response from real users. With the Hot Reloading feature, you can even make changes in the app when the app is up and running. React Native also allows easier third-party integrations as based on Javascript, the library of third-party tools is huge.

As a startup, when you choose a mobile app development framework, the potential cost, availability of your developer talent, app delivery to market, and post-launch maintenance are significant factors to consider. For budding startups, React Native comes with a cost-effective solution. Its flexible approach makes your entire app maintenance easy.

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Developers using a popular technology are easy to find, which makes it simple to set up a suitable engineering team for your startup. Validating your idea can determine the success of your business, and if you want to enter the market quickly, React Native is a good choice. TechAhead having years of experience in React Native app development, provides technical consultancy to startups and enterprises on how to leverage the power of technology. It is trusted by global brands and innovative startups to turn their business ideas into realities. They have won more than 35 top app development company awards for their high-performance apps having human-centric experiences. With the appropriate tools and methodologies, you can rest assured that your product will be well-built and will add unique value to your company. If you need to explore how React Native can fit into your own app development requirements, TechAhead is your door.