5 Reasons To Buy Reversing Camera Kit

5 Reasons To Buy Reversing Camera Kit

So you’ve heard the term reversing camera kits, but why would you buy one? Well the team over at BestFive.com.au, have provided a rundown on 5 of the most popular reasons you should consider buying one.

1. Learn to park easily

 This is obvious, but a great bonus of reversing cameras. Learning to park can be a stressful experience, so having a set of extra ‘eyes’ definitely helps ease the pressure. With an additional screen to view, beginners and learners can be assured that they have a full view of what is going on behind them as they park. Most camera kits will also have a sensor built into them, which will beep as you are getting too close to another object behind you. This cue helps us adjust our spatial awareness and be more mindful of our parking.

2. Avoid collisions

 No one wants a collision, especially from trying to pull off a reverse park! We have all experienced finding a great parking spot, which also happens to be a tight squeeze between two other vehicles. More often than not, our sense of perception isn’t super accurate while we are trying to reverse. Usually, we veer on the side of caution only to find out that we have left a massive gap between us and the other vehicle once we get out to inspect our parking job. Having the extra visual information is a great way to avoid potential collisions and wasted parking time.

3. Be aware of the family when reversing out of a driveway

 This is a common, yet big worry for most drivers, especially those living in suburban areas. The last thing we want is to reverse out of our driveway and risk bumping into a person or a toddlers treasured bike. We all take the appropriate precautions, however with a full rear view of your backwards surroundings, you no longer have to strain your neck to see what is happening near your bumper. This way, you can also keep an eye out on other blind spots around you to avoid running into your garden bush while you try avoiding a potential pedestrian.

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4. See who’s following you

 A great feature of camera kits is that the monitor will continue to work, even while you’re driving. Therefore, you can be aware of what is going on behind you, more clearly than your rear-view mirror would usually allow for. Knowing who is behind you, and how close they are getting to your car can be an added layer of reassurance to your driving experience. This comes in handy during extreme weather conditions as well, which may cause your windows to fog up and be temporarily useless. Some camera kits are water and debris proof to cater to this function.

5. Can lower your insurance?

 Lowering insurance is a bonus, and something many of us would love! Unfortunately, this is a myth in Australia, as no companies will lower your upfront insurance for having an installed reverse camera kit on your vehicle. Although, many companies, including You, acknowledge the benefits of this device in reducing your risks of having a collision or accident.

Some cameras even have the benefit of recording their streamed footage, so if someone bumps into your car while you are gone, you have extra evidence for your claim. Therefore, while the initial price won’t be lowered, this could potentially save you in insurance claims.