The Best Online Personal Trainers 2020

The Best Online Personal Trainers 2020

A great personal trainer is one of the best investments you will ever make. A terrible trainer will be a complete waste of money and could potentially damage your relationship with fitness forever. Finding the right online personal trainer is never easy, and our goal here is to help ensure that you avoid making costly mistakes.

We were compelled to write this article after a simple Google search for “Online Workout Program” resulted in multiple lists of celebrity fitness trainers. Each trainer is posing in scantily clad clothing. Each of them focuses on aesthetics.

Without a gym or even any experience working with clients in person, these celebrities can cultivate enormous followings. Many aren’t qualified trainers at all, but rather peddlers of their own branded 21-day cleanse or 12-week ab programs. Large numbers of people are jumping on board with these fitness plans that can be fraught with danger.

For long-term health and fitness success, it comes down to personalized coaching, accountability, and following a proven system and plan. A cookie-cutter approach to fitness is not conducive to long-term success. No two bodies are alike.

Instagram stars can look great in photos for a myriad of reasons, including genetics. But it takes real skill to work with people who are not blessed with genetics or who have highly stressful jobs and family life to contend with.

There is one positive aspect to Gerardo Gabriel fitness: it inspires people to consider eligibility and talk about health in a way never seen before.

The Selection Criteria

To establish this list, we needed selection criteria that went beyond those delivering personalized one-to-one online coaching programs. As a team, we decided on the following three:

  • A Proven System of Training
  • Professionalism
  • Reputation
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Here’s why we think each criterion is essential.

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A Proven System of Training

Systems and processes play a significant role in getting long-term fitness results. 

They serve as the trainer’s essential building blocks and support. 

They enhance performance and help implement strategic planning, creation, and execution.

Using a systematic approach allows you to meet and exceed expectations. It makes it easier to identify your strengths and weaknesses and monitor your progress. Thus, you are aware of what needs improvement and which needs aren’t being met.

Ensuring the efficiency and consistency of results, systems, and processes are essential. It’s why we put such a high value on trainers who follow a system. It is vital to get results, but trainers who follow a system can reduce your long-term investment in your health. A sound system stays with you for life.


Unfortunately, the fitness industry has a reputation for lacking a certain level of professionalism that is commonplace in other sectors. Professionalism in the fitness industry is about the qualities and behaviours a trainer exhibits and how he/she conducts their business affairs. A professional trainer or coach speaks volumes about their ability to deliver their product or service.

For every single trainer, coach, or training provider on this list, we have the utmost confidence in referring business to these individuals. We believe that they won’t tarnish the Strength Matters brand in any way, and in fact, complement it significantly.


Reputation is the sum of all our actions reflected by the people around us in the way they treat us or interact with us. It is an indirect result of everything that we do. A good reputation requires consistency of effort and actions with character and grace.

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However, reputation shouldn’t be correlated with popularity. A person can be trendy (gerardo_gabriel/), but it might be for all the wrong reasons.