5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Sofa For You

5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Sofa For You

Are you considering changing your sofa? Are your current seating options looking a little tattered and torn? 

Does that sofa that was once beautiful and classy have that annoying stain one of your kids lovingly made? 

We feel your frustration. A sofa is among the most critical pieces of furniture in a home, as it is generally used more than most other pieces and also acts as a focal point.

When it comes to choosing a new one, therefore, we also appreciate how intimidating and overwhelming it can be. There is a lot of variety out there. 

To help make your sofa buying decision a little easier, we have put together some helpful tips below.

Consider Your Lifestyle 

One of the best ways to pinpoint the sofa that’s right for you is to consider your current lifestyle. 

  • Do you spend a lot of time at home? 
  • Will the sofa be going in the family room or tucked away in a room that is not used often?
  • Do you live alone or do you live with a spouse and kids?

These are all considerations you need to make. 

Size Matters

Whoever first said “size doesn’t matter” wasn’t talking about choosing the right sofa. 

However, contrary to the common argument, we’re not suggesting that bigger or smaller is better. 

It all depends on the size of your property and the room where the sofa will be placed. 

As well as making sure a sofa is proportionate to the size of the room, i.e. not too big in a small room or too small in a big room, you need to also think about its dimensions from the point of view of getting it in there in the first place. 

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Sometimes a large corner sofa will do the trick and sometimes a small 2-seater will be your best option. 

Measure door frames and even consider sofas that require some assembly if you are worried it won’t fit through the door.

Where Possible, Check Out Sofas You’re Considering In Person

Although you may be intending on buying online, take any chance you have to check out sofas in person from a physical store. 

Even if you don’t buy a particular model from there, you will know what it’s like. Look at the construction, quality of the materials, how it is put together and the fabric used. 

Sit in it and make sure the level of comfort and support it offers is to your liking. 

Ask others to sit on it with you so you can really experience what it might be like on a typical day or night at home.

Choose Colour Carefully

When it comes to sofas, although they have prime placement in rooms and are huge focal points, it is almost always best to choose more neutral and gentler colours than big, bright and bold tones. 

You can always accessorise a plain-looking sofa with snazzy and eye-catching throws and other additions. 

It’s also wise to consider your current colour scheme and decor and choose something that matches.

Consider Patterns

It may, of course, suit your lifestyle and household to choose a sofa with a patterned design rather than one with just a single or couple of solid colours. 

Patterned upholstery is better at hiding mishaps, dirt and stains between scheduled cleaning sessions. 

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Ultimately, choosing the right sofa comes down to your needs and preferences. While there is no best sofa, there is definitely the right sofa for you. You just have to make sure you do your due diligence to find the perfect one for your living space.