How to Take Care of Washing Machines

How to Take Care of Washing Machines

As we use washing machines to provide proper care to our clothes, we also need to give them adequate care. Washing machines have to be cleaned now and then to make them feel brand new. Unattended washing machines may have foul smells, molds, and mildew.

The washing machine is one of our major investment for home improvements. Yet, if we do not take good care and provide proper maintenance to them, they might not last for years. Giving them adequate maintenance will reduce the possibilities of wear and tears on your washer.

Do not wait for the time when you will notice odors and less-than-clean clothes. Always give time to maintain your washer. Here are some of the few tips on how to take care of washing machines.

Always inspect the connected hoses.

Do you wash clothes every day or once a week? Before you do, inspect the connected hoses to your washing machines. Look for bulges or cracks, and check if the fittings are tight. If you see these signs on the hose, they are ready to fail. When the fittings feel loose, tighten the connection. Commonly, these problems arise in the places where the hose bends.

You can prevent hose failure by placing your washing machine at least four inches far from the wall. It will prevent the hose from bends and kinks. 

If you have an old washer, replace its hoses every three to five years, even if there is no noticeable wear or tear on the hose because some of the signs may occur inside and not visible on the outside. 

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Do Not Overload 

Your home washing machine does not have the same capacity as commercial laundry machines. It can only accommodate a few kilograms of laundry. Do not try to cram your week-load inside the washer. Oversized loads can damage your washing machine. Thus, it is best to break up your laundry into small loads.

Use Right and Safe Detergent

You might not be aware of this, but some detergents contain harsh ingredients that may harm both your fabrics and the interior of your washing machine. You have to be cautious of the detergent you are using. Ensure that it is the right type for your washing machine. There are energy-efficient types of washers that require a low-sudsing detergent. Thus, beware and know more about your washing machine.

Place Enough Amount of Detergent

There’s a misconception that using a lot of detergents can make the laundry more hygienically clean. But, they do not know that it causes harm more than good to the fabrics. Using too much amount of detergent can leave residue and will harden around your washer.

You can use a pod to make it easier, but if you are more comfortable with using liquid detergent, then it is best to follow the directions given by the manufacturer. 

Clean the Interior and Dispensers of the Washer

As we use the washer to wash our clothes, you have to wash them too. The washer needs a wash to help them clean and smell fresh. You can clean them every month or so by running an empty load of hot water. Mix 2 cups of white vinegar on it to help remove residues and unpleasant smell. In the middle of the cycle, add a half-cup of detergent. Let the washing machine complete a full cycle.

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Wipe Down Drum, Door, and Gasket

Create a solution of an equal portion of water and vinegar. Wipe the solution on the drum, door, and gasket of the washing machine. You need to do this once a month to ensure that the washer does not give off an unpleasant odor that could potentially seep into your laundry.

Leave the Door Open After a Load

Do you have a habit of closing the door right after getting the clean laundry? After a while, you might notice an unpleasant smell when you open the washer to start a load. Do you? If you do, stop closing the door, leave the door open after every load. It will help dry the insides of the washer, preventing it from developing an unpleasant smell. 

Transfer Clean Laundry to Dryer As Soon As Done

Do not let your wet clothes stay inside the washer for a long time. If you can, immediately transfer them to the dryer after it is done. Leaving them inside the washer can trigger mold and mildew.

Unfortunately, our washing machines would experience some downtime. You may prevent it from doing proper maintenance, but what if it will break down? That’s the time you have to ask laundry services for a rescue!

Why Ask Laundry Service for Help?

If your washing machine needs a quick repair or needs to be replaced badly, you need to consider hiring a laundry service for the meantime. You may call for a maid service or go to a laundromat near you.

There are few advantages why you should tap a laundry serve:

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Price and Professional Result

If your washer needs to be replaced, yet you are still on a tight budget, and then it would be best to hire a laundry service. You might want several service options– dry cleaning or the regular wash and fold services, and each service is offered in a particular price range.

Sometimes, you might feel doing laundry on your own is the best option. Yet, laundry services have trained professionals who are an expert in handling fabrics.

Thus, at a reasonable price, you can still acquire a satisfactory quality service.

Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services

One of the best things in hiring a laundry service is their pick-up and delivery services. If you are too occupied with the hectic job schedules, it is convenient for you to call the laundry shop and have your laundry picked up and delivered right at your doorstep.

Large Pile in One Load

Washing laundry at home is different from doing it with a commercial laundry washing machine. Commercial washers can accommodate a large pile of clothes in one load. They can bear 600 kilograms of weight in one go. Thus, a week’s worth of laundry is not a problem. You can have your laundry fast and consistent without worrying about the cleanliness of it.

Final Thoughts

The washing machine is a significant investment for house improvements. You can make it last longer with proper maintenance. If it breaks down, you can hire laundry services to back you up. Laundry service is cheaper than buying a new replacement.