Mpow H21 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Mpow H21 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Mpow brand is committed to energizing everyone’s lives. Moreover, Mpow searches for power from tech & art depending on humanity’s use. Furthermore, best Mpow headphones are made to offer an ergonomic and comfortable life for people. MPOW brand is dedicated to improving people’s life quality. Mpow Company has made a series of headsets and among the latest releases is Mpow H21.

Additionally, Mpow H21 is a hybrid noise-canceling headphone. This headphone offers the best performance for their cost range. They offer clean & balanced audio performance. Furthermore, they’re very comfortable and made using quality padding & a lightweight-design. It has the best ANC performance at a higher level. It’s capable of filtering out common noises offering you relaxation/concentration. Below is a review of the Mpow H21 headphone.

Design features

Mpow H21 is available in black color. Furthermore, Mpow H21 has an over the ear design. It is made using plastic material which feels strong and thick. Moreover, it has metal & leather material in the right places. Furthermore, the headband has a metal change which makes it strong and durable. This headphone has large ear cups which makes it comfortable to your ears. Moreover, they are also well cushioned and covered with soft leather.

The light earcup has the control buttons including volume up/down, ANC, and others. These buttons are a bit small though very strong and well made. Moreover, the buttons have an ergonomic design button layout. This will prevent unintended wrong presses. Furthermore, the left earcup has a charging port. The ear cups are foldable which gives it a compact size for simple storage and carrying.

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Moreover, the left and the right markings are found in the inner side of the headband. It’s engraved in a metallic-coated plastic that is very subtle. Thus, it might need some being used before they’re situated when wearing this headphone. Furthermore, the finishing of plastic material is very smooth & matte. This helps in preventing minor scuffs & scratches.

Sound performance

Mpow H21 headphones come with 40mm drivers. These drivers help in delivering a fine-tuned sound quality. Thus, it’s meant to form an endless song possibility. Moreover, the bass sound, the mid & treble are well balanced though the bass isn’t powerful and heavy. Furthermore, the sound frequencies don’t leak to each other. When the ANC feature is ON, sound performance remains identical.

Additionally, with balanced audio performance, you’ll enjoy more songs using Mpow H21. This headset has near to no distortion, hence great. Mpow H21 comes with little latency though. Thus, it’s not suitable for online-gaming although it isn’t too bad. Mpow H21 has some sound and imaging stages. Imaging is well executed and vocalist/instruments are distinguished from another.

Noise-canceling feature

Mpow H21 headphones have first-rate hybrid ANC tech. Thus, it’s capable of attenuating surrounding noise by 32dB. That is in a noisy-cabin of bus or train metro. It’s also capable of blocking office noises, ventilation, conversations, and air conditioning. With this technology, you will have immersive sound experience.

When one turns on ANC-mode, the audio quality remains similar. There will be no real noticeable variances in frequency ranges. With the ANC feature, you will have an immersive sound and be able to concentrate.

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Mpow H21 headphones are fitted with five CVC 6.0 microphones & hands-free calling. Moreover, these microphones ensure that you’ll have crisp clear-calls despite noise level. With Mpow H21, you’ll have clear calls.

Battery performance

Mpow H21 headphones come with an in-built rechargeable large-capacity battery of 850mAh. You will be free to relish enticing music. Furthermore, this battery gives the lengthiest playtime of 65 hours. This offers an extension on your enjoyment period during a lengthy vacation. For extended playtime, you can also use 3.5mm cable.

Additionally, this battery takes about 3 hours to be recharged. It’s recharged using USB-C cable. Remember, the ANC feature & the volume level determines how quick the battery reduces. Moreover, there is no power saving mode on this headset.

Connection technology

Mpow H21 headphones can be used either wired or wireless. For wireless connections, it’s fitted with Bluetooth version 5.0. This offers reliable connections within a range of 35 feet. Its connections don’t suffer interference from other devices. Thus, you will have enough wireless freedom that you need. With this device, the Bluetooth connection is easy and fast to pair with other devices.

Additionally, you can also connect to this headset using a wired cable. It comes with a 3.5mm-3mm audio cord to connect to the right earcup. The driver has a diameter of Φ 40mm.


Best Mpow headphones come with an adjustable headband. This will allow a comfortable fit for different head sizes. Moreover, the earcups of this headset are made big to cover your ears. Furthermore, the earpads are cushioned and covered with soft leather material. This makes it resistant to tear and wear.

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The earcups of these headphones offer a 90-degree flexible rotation design. This offers you extra comfort in the best seal. Furthermore, H21 will not shake loose when you bang your head. Moreover, it will also not put on much pressure on your head. Mpow H21 headphones weigh about 265g which is lightweight to an over-ear headset. Thus, you will use it for a long time with no discomfort issues.


  • Has a long battery life
  • Features a revolving ear cups and foldable design
  • Comes with an in-built CVC-6.0 noise-canceling mic
  • Can be used wireless/wired
  • Made of plastic and metal which feels thick & sturdy


  • Earmuffs become warm after sometime
  • May feel heavy depending on user’s preference

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Mpow H21 headphone
  • A USB cable
  • User guide
  • A 3.5mm audio cable
  • Carrying case


Mpow H21 headphone is a hybrid noise-canceling headphone. Moreover, this headphone offers high-grade comfort. It comes with soft-memory foam earcups. Furthermore, the earcups offer a 90-degrees flexible rotation design. Its headband is adjustable hence it will fit most head sizes. Additionally, this headset has 5 mic to offer hands-free calling. With Bluetooth version 5.0, you will have reliable connections within 33 feet.