A New Apple Leak Reveals the iPhone 13’s Shocking Price.

A New Apple Leak Reveals the iPhone 13’s Shocking Price.

A New Apple Leak Reveals the iPhone 13’s Shocking Price.

According to iPhone 13 leaks, Apple’s next iPhones have a lot to appreciate. But there is one major issue, and it has only gotten worse.

What Nikkei Said About

TSMC, Apple’s leading chip supplier, has executed its “highest price rise in a decade,” according to a new report from Nikkei Asia. The rise was first revealed last week, but according to Nikkei, chip partners have now been notified, leaving industry officials in “extreme astonishment” with smartphone makers among the worst impacted.

“We are all in a great shock, and all of our account managers need to speak to our customers to see if we can talk some of the contracts,” One chip executive told Nikkei. “We haven’t seen TSMC introduce such a broad rate increase in over a decade.”

TSMC was precede to break its price hikes into two sections. According to Digitimes: a price increase of up to 5% for “sub 7nm process technologies” and a price increase of up to 20% for “mature process technologies.” The good news is that the iPhone 13’s Shocking Price will utilise a 5nm chip, which means that the price will be lower. The bad news is that TSMC currently “commands manufacturing fees approximately 20% more than its rivals, according to industry insiders,” according to Nikkei.

The second portion of TSMC’s pricing hike is also expected to have an impact on Apple. The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE employ 7nm processors, which is expected to impact future Apple product lines if the company wants to maintain its strict price structures. As a result, “Apple is expected to set higher pricing for its future iPhone and other series,” according to Digitimes.

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iPhone 13’s Shocking Price

“Price hikes will be more obvious for items like cellphones and PCs,” adds Peter Hanbury of chip and supply chain expert Bain & Co. However, the issue continues as to how much. Apple boasts the highest profit margins in the business, but its ability to sustain them year after year is what makes the firm so appealing to investors.

In any case, Apple appears to be on the verge of having to make a last-minute decision. It was claimed that Apple was only three weeks ago to any price hikes for the suggested iPhone 13’s Shocking Price series. However, with TSMC’s price hikes set to take effect in January 2022 and Apple’s reputation for not adjusting iPhone pricing mid-cycle. The option to pass on or swallow these impending price hikes must be taken now.

If Apple is under pressure, I believe it will not hesitate to pass on the increased costs to customers. Most iPhone customers sign multi-year carrier contracts to stretch out the expense. Apple has probably the most devoted following of any corporation (even if its recent actions are testing this).

There’s a lot to appreciate about the new collection as well. Unfortunately, only minor outward design moderation (such as a reduced notch) have been disclosed in leaks. Still, there will be significant camera upgrades, camera bump, ultra wide cameras larger battery life and bigger battery, faster charging, MagSafe charger improvements, and a new WiFi standard. Upgraders to the iPhone 13 Pro max will also receive ProMotion display screens with a fast refresh rate, better 5G, and perhaps up to 1TB of storage.

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With the iPhone 13 launch less than a week away and supply expected to be restricted, I hope iPhone lovers find any extra financial reserves Apple need.