A New Vegan Dating Site is About to Make a Splash.

A New Vegan Dating Site is About to Make a Splash.

“It’s about genuine connections, not endless scrolling and countless faces.”

The freshly founded vegan and vegetarian dating service veggie singles are expected to have a huge impact this year.

After Veganuary 2022, and now that spring has here, prospective vegans worldwide will be seeking methods to keep on track with their new lifestyle.

Vegans must learn veggie-only alternatives to meals, delicious cooking, dining out, and obtaining the proper nutrition. Then there’s cleaning supplies, vegan clothes, and skincare to consider.

Fortunately, several websites offer assistance with these issues.

But what about finding your vegan soulmate?

Although dating may not be at the top of a newly minted vegan or vegetarian’s priority list, their values and excitement for the veggie-singles lifestyle grow. So will their desire for a mate with similar interests.

It’s no wonder that traditional dating sites are beginning to offer vegan and vegetarian options, with over 500,000 vegan dating site and 1.2 million vegetarians sites in the UK. 

For some vegans and vegetarians in romantic relationships, this is a deal-breaker.

This is where Veggie-Singles.com enters the picture.

Vegetarians and vegans in the dating scene

Because dating typically includes meals, coffee dates, and lunches, eating together is a vital part of any relationship. 

More than 70% of singles choose a restaurant for a first date, according to a Zava Med study of Europeans and Americans. 

Alternatively, a coffee shop or café is a common choice. 

Relationship bonding and eating and drinking go hand in hand; however, vegans and vegetarians may find this a problem.

It would seem logical that a lifestyle-specific dating service might help people discover a partner who matches their values.

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It’s critical to share common interests.

Discussing mutual interests is one of the most pleasurable elements of dating.

The stimulation of these dialogues is an essential component of the Veggie-Singles.com experience. Veggie-Singles members can publish anything of interest to them, similar to how Facebook users might share a message or link on their page. It may be the most recent vegan dating site they listened to, a YouTube video, a book, or photos from a marathon they ran.

Online dating security and safety

The development of Veggie-Singles was focused on safety. Users complete a mini-application procedure after exploring the site. This assists the site’s staff weeding out fraudsters, trolls, and carnivores. It gives members a sense of security and makes it easier to avoid time wasters.

Many women encounter harassment on dating sites and apps, according to a 2020 Pew Research Centre research. 

Fifty-seven percent said they have received sexually explicit communications or images without asking.

Quality trumps quantity.

Veggie-Singles prioritizes creating quality relationships for members over numbers. Veggie, unlike most dating apps, limits daily swipes to create an atmosphere where each “like” is thoughtful. 

“Quality chats and connections,” Veggie-Singles stated. “It’s not about unlimited scrolling and endless faces.”

Veggie strives to be a moral player in the dating market, moving away from the notion of online dating as a pseudo-marketplace where people shop for potential partners in the same way they shop for a new television or phone.


Inclusion is a critical component of any community, and Veggie goes out of its way to ensure that its site welcomes everyone in the Veggie-Singles community you can visit: vegan personals blog for more update

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Best of luck