A Singles Tennis Holiday

A Singles Tennis Holiday

Love Tennis? On your own? Then check out a Singles Tennis Holiday. A superb way to meet new people,
share your passion for tennis and get some sunshine.

It can be daunting – the thought of going on a Singles Tennis Holiday on your own, but you need not
worry. We tried an Active Away Singles Tennis Holiday, and it has to be one of the best ways to go away!

The Initial though of going away on your own

Singles Tennis Holiday

Getting over the initial hurdle of ‘travelling on your own’ can be a challenge, however always remember
that ‘the best things in life start at the end of your comfort zone.’ A singles tennis holiday is the perfect
example of this – a completely wonderful, immersive experience you’ve just got to dive into!
Our suggestion is to just ‘throw yourself into’ it – and think; “what’s the worst that could happen.” Trust us,
you’ll fall in love with this type of holiday very quickly!

During your Singles Tennis Holiday

This is where the Active Away team took over, and made my experience one I’ll never forget. From
the moment I landed at the airport, the team were there to greet me with a warm smile and make
introductions to the rest of the group.
What I loved is that you always had a starting point for conversation with someone – tennis. That common
interest allows you to so quickly connect with other members of the group and allowed me to make new
friends I’m sure I’ll see for years to come. I even arranged to go back on a future tennis holiday with them!

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Best bits of a Singles Tennis Holiday

Singles Tennis Holiday

For me, the best bits of the singles tennis holiday were:

  1. Meeting new friends – I met so many lovely people, and hope to return on a future tennis holiday with
  2. Learning – I learned so much on my tennis holiday, mainly focused on how to become a better doubles
    tennis player.
  3. Evening Meals – I loved that we ate as a full group. The coaches and clients all ate together so it was a
    great way to have a laugh after a fun day on court.
  4. The Resort – the resort was absolutely excellent, it was all inclusive which definitely helped the group
  5. The Coaches – we had such a lovely group of coaches, and our host was absolutely amazing. They
    created such a fun atmosphere and were so positive to be around.

My advice for anyone considering a Singles Tennis Holiday

Do it! Don’t just wait, and put it off. Go and you will love it, I simply can’t wait for my next one. There are a
group of us who will most likely meet up again on a future one.
On this trip I chose Active Away for my Singles Tennis Holiday. I would thoroughly recommend them, they
offer a professional, inclusive service and I’ll be back on many holidays with them in the future.
I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post!