Five things to do in England

Five things to do in England

Even though Britain is a relatively small country, it has a lot of interesting things (especially if you are interested in history). We have chosen five things that any traveler who has been to England should say: “I did it!”

Dress up in the theater

In London, a vast number of theaters, both long-known and new. Many of them boast a rich history and magnificent architecture. In London, you can also see musicals like Les Miserables and Mamma Mia, which have been going on there for decades.

You will most likely be struck by advertising on buses and huge billboards throughout the city. Buy tickets, put on a beautiful shirt or dress and go to the very heart of professional life, music, and fun!

Glastonbury Party

Glastonbury is a cultural phenomenon that combines all ages, races, and musical tastes. Each summer, the Somerset Farm hosts the Glastonbury Music Festival. It used to be considered a show for lovers of British indie music.

But in recent years, the forum covers all areas and genres. Here, for example, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Dolly Parton performed. Tickets fly out every year for a few minutes after they go on sale. So, when buying tickets, be very careful.

Afternoon tea

Tea in the UK is considered the best way to solve all life problems. If you do not drink tea, they will look at you in disbelief. Get ready for the fact that a cup of tea will soon become an integral part of your daily life. Try to find a traditional tea room, where you will be taught to drink tea correctly with cakes, rolls, and butter cakes!

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Cook a traditional Sunday lunch

Sunday afternoons in the UK always include fried foods. This is a tradition observed in most families. And, of course, international students should take part in it. You can go to the pub where such dinner will be served. Or you can cook it yourself with friends or neighbors. Do not worry, if you do not know how to cook, the process itself is much more critical.

You usually cooked meat, for example, beef, lamb, or pork with fried potatoes or vegetables, flavored with a large sauce. Of course, this day will become a kind of shock for the body, if you usually prefer healthy food!

Visit the British Seaside

Because Britain is a relatively small country, as soon as the weather is beautiful, its inhabitants immediately go to the coast. British coastal cities are a bit obscene humor, similar to old entertainment postcards. At the same time, coastal cities differ from each other. If you want something peaceful and quiet, go to Margit. But if you crave entertainment, it is better to go to Brighton.

If you think that we have missed something, share with us your opinion and experience. We will be grateful.