Five places to visit in England

Five places to visit in England

Every city, town, and community in England has its attractions. But there are five places that you should visit while studying in the country. Mark them on your card.

England should say: “I did it!”


London is the British capital. One of the most vibrant, exciting, and multinational cities from among those where you have ever been. The queen lives here, and you can visit Buckingham Palace, as well as the majestic parks around it. If you want, take the subway, but if you wish to walk.

One of the funniest ways to get to know the city is with bike rides. Moreover, in London, the Boris Bikes bike rental network is developed. Among the pluses is the ability to lose weight after eating hearty British dishes. Also, there are bus tours and walking tours. So you will see all the London sights and absorb the sounds of the city.


Known as London at Sea. Brighton is a busy city on the south coast. It is placed an hour by train from the capital. Brighton is an ideal place for alternative culture. All this is reflected in the music and urban graffiti. In this sense, it is the most progressive city in the country. Among other things, Brighton is the LGBT capital of Great Britain. Every year in August, a gay parade is held here, attracting thousands of participants from all over Europe.


The beautiful city is just an hour away from London. Oxford is known for its university, the oldest in the entire English-speaking world. Oxford is one of those places where you can walk all day, enjoying the views and incredible architecture!

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The city boasts such a large number of beautiful buildings, as, fortunately, it managed to avoid bombing and explosions of World War II. Architecture has made Oxford one of Hitler’s favorite cities. He is so beautiful that he does not forget to charge the camera and take a large memory card for him!


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Edinburgh Castle (if you like castles, there are many of them in Scotland). If you are interested in theater, whether it is performances by comedians or dance troupes, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is held annually for you.

It lasts all August and is considered the most significant art festival in the world. Everyone in his program will surely find something to their taste. The show continues here day and night. Also, there are many shops and five National Galleries in Scotland in Edinburgh.


It is considered one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Liverpool is the birthplace of The Beatles, which means, to some extent, all of pop music. So if you like music or you compose something yourself, Liverpool should be on your list of must-see places. The city has lovely architecture, and many of the objects in the center are World Heritage Sites.

Residents of the city are some of the most friendly and friendly in the country. Although their emphasis is not always clear the first time. There are two competing football teams in Liverpool – Liverpool, and Everton. And on the outskirts of the city, national league matches are held annually.